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Inheritance Lawyers in Croatia

Updated on Friday 01st September 2023

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Inheritance Lawyers in Croatia
Our inheritance lawyers in Croatia offer you specialized support in the division of personal legacy, respecting the legislation in force. We recommend those interested to confidently contact our team of professionals to find out as much as possible about the Croatian Inheritance Law and how wealth can be distributed after a person's death.

Croatian Inheritance Law and the distribution of assets in the family

The Croatian Inheritance Law details how a person's property and money are distributed among the family after their death. Assets are distributed by a testator only after the death certificate is issued. Here is other information of interest, specifying that our inheritance lawyers in Croatia can offer you legal advice on this subject:
  • The distribution of wealth after a person's death is done according to the degree of kinship, up to the 4th degree.
  • First-degree descendants are those who have priority at the time of distribution of the respective property, even if there is a will or not.
  • If there is a will, it is implemented immediately after the death of the respective person, without appeal.
  • If there are no first-rank descendants, the wealth is divided among the second-rank of the deceased as well as the parents of the wife, if they are alive.
  • If the deceased person has no heirs or living parents, the wealth is directly and completely inherited by the wife.
  • Also according to the Croatian Inheritance Law, 3rd and 4th-degree relatives can receive the deceased person's inheritance if he has no other 1st and/or 2nd-degree heirs.
We recommend the services offered by our law firm in Croatia to learn more about Croatian Inheritance Law. On the other hand, if your case involves immigration to Croatia, our specialists are at your disposal with personalized legal advice.

What does common-law marriage entail in the case of inheritance?

A special case that one of our inheritance lawyers in Croatia can also explain to you refers to people who lived with a partner, without marrying him, but being empowered with the legal form of marriage. In case of death, the respective partner is legally considered as an heir, despite the opposition of the children, for example.
To be able to prove the existence of cohabitation in this way, without a registered marriage certificate, the partner who is going to benefit from the inheritance left must present information and documents in this sense and the fact that he/she was an economic community in the respective family.
A difficult case in this sense is the one in which these partners who lived together but were unmarried, had their domicile in a country other than Croatia. However, Croatian Family Law applies, alongside provisions of Inheritance Law in Croatia.
Our inheritance lawyers in Croatia are here to explain your rights in case of a deceased family member and distribution of his/her assets, according to the legislation of this country.

Inheritance tax in Croatia

When the inheritance is divided in the family, the inheritance tax in Croatia must also be taken into account, as follows:
  • The wife and their children are not subject to inheritance tax in Croatia.
  • There is an inheritance tax at a flat rate of 4% imposed on other types of heirs in the family.
  • On the other hand, inheritance tax in Croatia is calculated taking into account the market value of the estate, after the debts have been deducted.
  • In the case of movable property received as a gift from relatives of another degree in the family, a gift tax of 4% rate is applied. Our lawyers in Croatia can tell you more about such taxes.
We advise you to learn more about Croatian Inheritance Law from our specialists. Certain cases can be quite complex without specialized assistance and recommendations, that's why we suggest getting in touch with our inheritance lawyers in Croatia.