EORI Registration in Croatia - 2024 Guide

EORI Registration in Croatia

Updated on Thursday 18th January 2024

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EORI registration in Croatia
The Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) is a system for tracking imports and exports within the borders of the EU. If you want to open a company in Croatia for import and export purposes, you will need an EORI number. The process of EORI registration in Croatia implies the assignment of a unique number to a legal entity (EORI number). Our attorneys in Croatia can give you further details about the EORI registration procedure.
 Quick Facts  
What is EORI?

Economic Operator Registration and Identification

Who needs to obtain EORI number?

Import and export companies in Croatia 

Applicable legislation for EORI in Croatia

EU directives and general rules 

Authority that issues EORI

Croatian Ministry of Finance - Customs department

EORI structure in Croatia

- VAT number,

- country code,

- prefix

Formalities to obtain EORI

- VAT certificate,

- registration certificate,

- standard forms

Time frame for EORI registration in Croatia

Around 30 days

EORI renewal (YES/NO)


Translated documents for EORI application Yes 
EORI costs No fees imposed
EORI registration support

With a power of attorney

EORI registration formalities for natural persons

- valid passport,

- documents with information about business/trading

EORI for sole traders (YES/NO)


EORI cancellation

We offer support

Free case evaluation (YES/NO) Yes 

How can I register for an EORI number in Croatia in 2024?

Natural persons and Croatian companies that perform business activities regulated by the customs authorities need to register for an EORI number. The Customs Department within the Croatian Ministry of Finance is the authority in charge of managing the EORI system. In order to register for an EORI number, you have to fill in an application and send it to the Croatian Customs Department. If your Croatian company is VAT registered, you need to complete the C220 form.
If you are not VAT registered, you need form C220A for the EORI registration process. The EORI application can be submitted in writing, after printing and completing the forms, or online. EORI applications in Croatia usually take three working days to process. Our Croatian lawyers can register your company for an EORI number on your behalf and align with the requirements for 2024.


Structure of EORI number in Croatia

When implementing the EORI system, the EU authorities have decided to align the EORI number with the VAT number assigned to companies upon registration. As a consequence, the vast majority of EORI numbers are equivalent to the trader's VAT number. All Croatian EORI numbers are prefaced with HR, the country's prefix.  If the Croatian tax reference number consists of less than nine digits, the EORI number will be supplemented with leading zeros. The Croatian Commercial Code stipulates that all entities involved in customs regulated activities must register for an EORI number, issued by the Croatian customs after the country joined the EU in 2013. EORI numbers issued and used prior to this date are no longer valid for economic activity.
How to make the EORI registration inCroatia.png


What are the necessary documents for EORI registration in Croatia?

A Croatian company activating in the import and export sector must have an EORI number which can be obtained if the following documents are provided:
  • the certificate that shows the company is registered for VAT purposes;
  • the company’s main documents and the certification of registration;
  • the power of attorney or the authorization for a representative in Croatia;
  • a document from the Croatian Trade Register showing that the company is registered for business.
Economic operators without establishments in the EU can prepare and submit the EORI applications in Croatian or English language. The EORI registration process for such economic operators is the same as for ones incorporated in Croatia, with the difference that OIB (personal identification number) is required.
We remind that the EORI registration in Croatia in 2024 is issued without charges and cannot expire, therefore, there is no need for an EORI renewal. Feel free to talk to our Croatian lawyers and find out all the legal requirements for obtaining the EORI number. We are at your disposal with complete legal support.

Customs regulations in Croatia

There are several customs rules which need to be respected by all foreign entrepreneurs with trading activities in Croatia. For instance, the household products must be presented with the EORI number, a detailed and valued inventory, a copy of the documents of the owners of such goods, plus the diplomatic protocol which is issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Croatia.
Also, a document showing that the owner of the imported goods lived for more than just one year outside Croatia is necessary at the time of customs verification. Such document is normally issued by the Croatian embassy but for more details in this sense please talk to our team of advisors who can also represent you with a power of attorney in the case of EORI registration in 2024
The registration process of an EORI in Croatia typically takes a few minutes or a few days, depending on the data reliability and procedural conditions in the application and OIB registry. However, the EORI registration process should not take longer than 30 days.

What is the Union Customs Code?

UCC or the Union Customs Code represents another important EU directive involving the customs rules and regulations within the countries part of the European Union. All operators in the trading sector must observe and fill out the ENS or the Entry Summary Declaration to the customs of the state in which the products need to enter. This is normally a document completed on the internet before the goods take the import road. It is good to know that the customs in Croatia will ask for a Single Administrative Documents (SAD), an official document which describes all goods and their movement on an international scale.
SAD is also considered as a declaration of goods made by the importer in Croatia or by the representative of the company. All of the above-mentioned documents must be accompanied by the EORI number of the company willing to do trading business in Croatia. If you find difficulties in applying for an EORI number in Croatia, do not hesitate to solicit legal assistance from our team of lawyers in Croatia.
Under Croatian Customs Administration, all customs administration works are pursued under this institution controlled by the Ministry of Finance of Croatia. The same administration is in charge of the control of foreign products, and also prepares professional foundations for the determination of economic and development policy in the sector of the customs duties system.

The import activities in three main steps

The registration of imported goods in Croatia is not problematic or time-consuming, but it requires complete attention in matters of documents, especially for EORI. The first step is to obtain the import permit, and then to fill out the above-mentioned documents. The import customs clearance procedures where the EORI number is verified will be the last step before the products enter the country. Please bear in mind that there is a list of goods for which special procedures apply (tobacco, pets, alcohol, etc.).
One should note that the customs authorities in Croatia can, in certain situations, allow the use of any official document comprising the specific data solicited to perceive the merchandise. Moreover, the SAD is completed as the EU declaration of the importer.
Economic operators in Croatia, alongside the ones not established in the EU but having OIB do not have to provide other documents than the EORI application. An exception in this case is the application made by private individuals by e-mail who must provide scanned ID documents.   

How long does it take to register the EORI number?

An EORI number in Croatia can be obtained in approximately 30 days if all the requirements are fulfilled, alongside the documentation in this sense.

What is the most important document for EORI registration?

The VAT certificate showing the economic operator is registered taxpayer is the necessary document at the time of EORI registration. Please feel free to talk to our specialists about EORI regulations in 2024.

How can natural persons apply for EORI in Croatia?

The registration for EORI in the case of natural persons in Croatia is not a harsh procedure and requires a valid passport or another identification document, plus information about his/her business in the trading sector. Natural persons wanting to apply for an EORI number are recommended to ask for legal support in matters of documents and registration. Moreover, all the documents must be translated in the Croatian language as this is an important requirement stipulated by the local laws applicable for both domestic and foreign entrepreneurs in Croatia.
We kindly invite you to get in touch with our law firm in Croatia and solicit comprehensive legal assistance for EORI registration in Croatia. We remind that our specialized lawyers in company formation in Croatia are at your disposal if you are a foreign investor looking to register a business in Croatia.

Importing to Croatia – the SAD formalities

SAD or the Single Administrative Document is the official model for written declarations to customs through which an importer can declare the products to the Croatian authorities. Besides the Entry Summary Declarations, SAD is also an important formality imposed for companies interested in placing their goods on the Croatian market. The customs authorities must first verify the EORI number and then all the documents imposed for the import of products to Croatia. It is important to know that SAD comprises information about the VAT, and about the customs duties applicable within the EU countries.
The representative of the import company must prepare the Single Administrative Document alongside other important forms. The import process of goods in Croatia must follow three important steps: acquiring the import permit, presenting the required documentation and getting the import customs clearing measures. Import companies wanting to operate in Croatia can ask for legal advice and support in matters of formalities and documents, in order to properly align with the regulations involved. You may talk to one of our Croatian lawyers.

Is EORI mandatory for sole traders in Croatia?

Yes, sole proprietorships must have an EORI number for import and export activities. The customs authorities can make all the company verifications with the help of EORI. It is important to pay attention to all the rules related to the trading activities if you are a foreign investor and have an import and export company in Croatia. You can also talk to one of our Croatian lawyers and find out more about the EORI application process and about the formalities involved. Our team can give full support for registering a business in Croatia and for other related aspects.

Is the EORI number the same thing with the VAT?

No, there is a clear difference between the EORI number and the VAT. The registration for tax purposes and especially for VAT is made as soon as the company is incorporated in Croatia. The EORI number is assigned to companies having import and export activities within the EU territory. This rule has been implemented in 2009 for a better control of trading activities and for a proper supervision of such operations made by the entitled authorities.

The cancelation of EORI number

EORI numbers can be canceled if a company no longer operates on the market. The same thing is available for businesses that declared the bankruptcy or started the liquidation process. It is good to know that the EORI number can be re-assigned if the company gets back on the market, the code being unique and therefore not transferred to another firm in Croatia.

FAQ about EORI

1. What are the necessary documents for EORI registration in Croatia?
A company owner or representative must show the VAT certificate in order to start the EORI registration process. The Croatian Trade Register will issue a document showing the company is legally registered in the country.
2.  How long does it take to obtain the EORI number?
The EORI number can be obtained in a couple of days, if all the formalities are fulfilled. Make sure you talk to a Croatian lawyer when applying for an EORI number.
3. What is the structure of the EORI number?
The EORI number is formed by the VAT code, the country’s prefix and other numbers assigned to this code.
4. Who manages the EORI system in Croatia?
The Ministry of Finance in Croatia controls the EORI registration for companies in this country, alongside other important authorities.
5. What is the expiration date for EORI numbers?
EORI numbers do not expire, therefore, there is no need to renew this code. Also, there are no costs for obtaining the EORI number.

Investments in Croatia

The multitude of business opportunities in Croatia in 2024 makes numerous international investors decide towards the sectors that provide most of the openings. Logistic companies, travel agencies, hotel accommodations, textile or agriculture companies generate large profits on a yearly basis in Croatia, and the following numbers and facts highlight the business direction of this country:
  1. Approximately USD 32,884 million was the total FDI stock for 2018 in Croatia.
  2. The World Bank ranked Croatia 58th out of 190 international economies, as stated by the Doing Business report for 2019.
  3. Most of the foreign direct investments have been absorbed by the financial services sector.
  4. The Netherlands is the main investor in Croatia, around 20.7% of the total FDI being introduced by this country.
If you want professional assistance in preparing and submitting the request for an EORI number, feel free to contact our lawyers in Croatia.