Set up Amazon Store in Croatia

Set up Amazon Store in Croatia

Updated on Thursday 04th May 2023

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Set-up-Amazon-Store-in-Croatia.jpgLocal and foreign investors in Croatia have numerous opportunities in the business field in the country. One of them can be the largest online mall, Amazon. With a desire for online shopping, customers worldwide can purchase varied products and services not only from the local websites but also from Amazon which represents the biggest retail platform where companies worldwide, small, medium or large develop online shops. Increasing the awareness of your business may involve opening an Amazon store in Croatia, a matter where all the legal aspects are explained by our Croatian lawyers.

Short details about Amazon

If at the beginning Amazon was created to sell books, the business direction completely changes, as nowadays anyone can buy goods like clothing, jewelry, electronics, audio books, furniture, video games and even grocery, thanks to the acquisition of a big food chain in America. In numbers, Amazon registered profits of about $316 billion in 2016 and recorded more than 300 retailers with online stores on the platform. Setting up an Amazon store in Croatia will, first of all, imply the registration of a limited liability company, a suitable business form considered by numerous entrepreneurs. The rules and regulations of incorporating an LLC in Croatia are matters of our attorneys in Croatia who can help business persons understand the requirements.

How to open an Amazon store in Croatia

As mentioned above, an Amazon store can only activate if an LLC is registered first. A minimum share capital of EUR 2,500 must be deposited in a bank account when opening your company and even more, a single shareholder is sufficient for setting up such business form. Please consider that special licenses and permits might be necessary for the activities you wish to develop through your LLC in Croatia, and then on Amazon. Once the company incorporation successfully took place, one should consider adding a website to the products and services offered for a better credibility when placing the business on an international plan.

Payment methods on Amazon

PayPal and the merchant account are two of the main payment services offered to customers on Amazon. These must be implemented on the platform in order to offer customers the opportunity of paying the products. The PayPal account can be linked to your business bank account, just like the merchant account. The latter one is another recognized and secure payment method which offers clients the possibility of paying with a credit or debit card. Your Amazon store in Croatia and the products you intend to sell can be seen in many countries worldwide, therefore it is suggested to place multi-currencies and offer customers the correct prices.

Why open an Amazon store in Croatia?

Business expansion nowadays is in many cases related to the promoting ways, where the internet plays the major role. Having an online activity in the retail sector is the key to success in many business fields, as the technology develops and open doors for fast growth and awareness. Setting up an Amazon store in Croatia can be a proper business idea, particularly if the entrepreneur wants to enlarge the portfolio not only on a local plan but also abroad. With the recent introduction of Croatia among the EU countries, companies can now benefit from the numerous advantages offered by this status.
Additional information about how you can set up an Amazon store in Croatia can be obtained from our Croatian law firm, so please do not hesitate to contact us.