Signing Contracts With a Croatian Company

Signing Contracts With a Croatian Company

Updated on Saturday 03rd March 2018

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Signing-Contracts-With-a-Croatian-Company.jpgWhen signing contracts in Croatia, the Civil Obligations Act 2015 (COA) enters into force as it mentions that the arrangement must respect the principle of fairness and good faith – the main provision of this act. Contracts in Croatia are signed between parties who negotiated the deal and who agreed on the terms and conditions of the business before making any movement. If you want to know the legal terms of contracts in Croatia, we can provide you with complete support in this sense, as our Croatian lawyers have a vast experience in such cases.

Contracts made in respect to COA

Providers or employees who want to seal a collaboration and sign contracts with companies in Croatia must know from the beginning the terms and conditions of such agreement. According to COA, each contract needs to comprise the offer in clear terms and information about both parties involved. The following aspects are mentioned in a contract in Croatia:
•    the duration of the contract;
•    information about the parties involved in the arrangement;
•    the services offered;
•    the established price for the services provided;
•    the legal aspects in case of litigation and termination of the contract.
We remind that foreign investors in Croatia should solicit the services of a Croatian law firm before sealing any arrangement, in order to understand better the legal aspects involved, and to check if there are any hidden terms which might affect the collaboration between the two parties.

A lease contract in Croatia

If a company wants to settle a rental contract with a construction firm or a real estate company in Croatia, a contract enters in discussion. Such agreement must comprise the following matters:
•    information about the parties who will sign the contracts;
•    details about the building/edifice/office for rent;
•    the duration of the lease contract;
•    the fees involved;
•    the conditions of maintenance of the rented office;
•    details about other premises of the office and if there are any fees involved;
•    the legal aspects in case of contract termination.
According to the Croatian laws, a rental contract must comprise clear terms and conditions and provide information about the advance payment and monthly fees.

How contracts are terminated in Croatia

A contract in Croatia can be terminated if one of the parties did not respect the terms mentioned and agreed at the beginning. In this situation, the party who discovered that the conditions have been violated or not respected can sue the other party or can consider mediation in such case. Negotiation is usually recommended in such situations instead of dealing with litigation and court meetings which are time-consuming and also expensive. We mention that the termination of a contract in Croatia can be done without any previous notifications. In most cases, contracts in Croatia are done with a three-months advertisement.
For a proper understanding of the legal aspects of a contract in Croatia, please feel free to contact our Croatian attorneys at any time.