Open a Franchise in Croatia

Open a Franchise in Croatia

Updated on Thursday 07th December 2017

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Open-a-Franchise-in-Croatia.jpgFranchising is a well-developed and appreciated system in countries worldwide, including Croatia. There are many individuals who decide to work for themselves by creating franchises and take advantage of the conditions related. The incorporation process of a franchise in Croatia must observe certain rules and regulations which can be properly explained by our Croatian lawyers. You can receive legal support for any kind of business you want to establish in Croatia.

Requirements for establishing a franchise in Croatia

The best part related to the franchising system is that entrepreneurs are guided all the way when deciding on a particular business to open. The initial investment which is granted to the franchisee at the registration or the franchise fee involves complete head office support, details about how to use the brand on the market, the location in which your franchise can develop, and the right pricing structure. When establishing a franchise in Croatia, an agreement in this matter must be settled, a case where our attorneys in Croatia can oversee and analyze the contract before signing it.

The franchise convention in Croatia

Franchises in Croatia are registered in compliance with the Civil and the Commercial Code. In this matter, please consider that such business can be established once a franchise contract is signed and notarized. The franchisor and the franchisee must agree on the conditions imposed in a business but also the rights and benefits that are linked to the franchising system in Croatia. The amount of the invested capital, details about the area in which the franchise will be registered, the fees involved, and the validity of the contract are among important information stipulated in an agreement like this. For a better understanding of how franchise contracts are made and respected, we suggest you address your concerns to our Croatian lawyers.

The advantages of a franchise business in Croatia

Besides the fact that a franchise is considered a self-employed business in many cases, one can set up their activities in many industries like food, clothing, automotive, IT, engineering, medicine or education. One should bear in mind that an investment in franchising in Croatia can return in a short period of time if the business runs as expected. Also, a franchise in Croatia has a low risk of failure.
If you are interested in opening a franchise in Croatia, please do not hesitate to contact our Croatian law firm for legal support.