Special permits and licenses for Croatian companies

Special Permits and Licenses for Croatian Companies

Updated on Monday 03rd July 2017

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Special permits and licenses for Croatian companiesForeign investors who want to open a company in Croatia must know that certain activities are subject to specific requirements, permits and licenses issued by the relevant government bodies or institutions. Some state-owned enterprises (SOEs) have monopoly or hold exclusive rights, while other Croatian companies operate as de facto monopolies. Our lawyers in Croatia can give you detailed information about the special permits and licenses needed for starting a company.

Activities subject to special permits and licenses in Croatia

Before registering a company in Croatia, depending on the type of economic activity you will perform, you need to obtain special permits and licenses. Here is a list of the activities which are subject to specific requirements, according to the Croatian law:

•    Banking and insurance;
•    Production of and trade of tobacco and tobacco products;
•    Sea fishing and hunting;
•   Most activities within the energy sector – some recently privatized companies still operate as de facto monopolies – the electricity company Hrvatska elektroprivreda (HEP) and the oil and gas company Industrija nafte (INA);
•    Air and road transport;
•    Telecommunication services;
•    Import and export activities;
•    Construction sector.

If you need professional advice about the permits and licenses you need to obtain before doing business, you can rely on our law firm in Croatia.

Construction permits in Croatia

If you want to set up a company in the construction sector in Croatia, you have to deal with construction permits, obtain necessary licenses and complete notifications and inspections from the relevant authorities. Here is a list of the requirements for obtaining a construction permit in Croatia:

•    Receive clearance from different departments  - the waste collection department, the National Croatian Electric Grid, the Sanitary Inspectorate, the Local Water Authority, the Inspectorate of Fire with the Ministry of Interior Affairs;
•    Obtain excerpt from the Land Registry for subject and bordering lands – this include an authentication of the online cadastral map and a list of the landowners adjacent to the construction site;
•    Obtain decision regarding utilities from the relevant municipal authority;
•    Pay water contribution to the Croatian Waters state company;
•    Request and receive building permit;
•    Submit commencement notice and receive clearance from labor inspectorate regarding noise protection and safe working conditions;
•    Receive random inspection from the municipality;
•    Receive final inspection and obtain occupancy permit.

If you want to avoid the bureaucratic hassle of obtaining special permits and licenses in Croatia, please get in touch with our attorneys in Croatia.