Immigrate to Croatia from South Africa

Immigrate to Croatia from South Africa

Updated on Tuesday 19th March 2024

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Immigrate to Croatia from South Africa.jpgSouth African citizens need to pay attention to the type of visa they need for entering Croatia. Depending on the purpose of the stay in Croatia, South Africans might need a visa with a single entry or multiple entries. We mention that Croatia is part of the Schengen Area and visas issued in this country are recognized in all Schengen countries. Legal advice in terms of visas and immigration matters can be offered by one of our Croatian lawyers. The same team can help foreigners start a business in Croatia.

Do I need a visa to enter Croatia from South Africa?

Yes, a visa with a validity of 90 days is issued to citizens from South Africa who want to visit Croatia. This is the Schengen visa that comes with a series of benefits like traveling throughout the Schengen countries without restrictions or border controls. Here is what you need to consider when applying for a visa for Croatia as a South African citizen:
  • The visa application can be made in Pretoria or Cape Town where the immigration centers are found. One of our lawyers in Croatia can handle the formalities implicated in the process.
  • The valid passport plus some application forms to fill out are solicited by the Croatian authorities.
  • Having a medical health insurance policy is part of the visa application.
  • Besides information about the accommodation, proof, or return flight ticket is solicited.
If you would like to move to Croatia from South Africa and stay for more than just a few months, a residence permit is required. South African citizens are invited to discuss all the legal aspects with one of our Croatian attorneys.

ETIAS in Croatia

Croatia will be integrated into the ETIAS system or the European Travel Information Authorization, starting this year. This kind of system allows foreigners to register before the arrival in Croatia, and citizens from South Africa make no exception. Moreover, the system will have access to the criminal record of any foreigner registered, allowing Croatian authorities to make in-depth verifications. If you would like to know more about ETIAS in Croatia and other immigration aspects, please feel free to talk to our advisors. We are here to help you relocate to Croatia.

Residence permit in Croatia

South African citizens who want to immigrate to Croatia need to register with the authorities and apply for a residence permit. In matters of documents, besides the application form that solicits personal details, a copy of the birth certificate or marriage certificate (if it is the case), proof of accommodation in Croatia, and information about personal finances are among the documents and information requested for a residence permit in Croatia. This document shows that you legally live in Croatia, so make sure you obtain it as soon as you relocate from South Africa. Talk to our specialists for legal support. One should note that the residence permit can be issued at the same time as the work permit if you accepted a job in Croatia.

Company relocation in Croatia

Would you like to relocate your company from South Africa to Croatia? You should discuss all the legal terms with one of our Croatian lawyers with experience in this field. The company relocation process is not complicated and it starts with the de-registration of the business from South Africa. Then, the registration process for a company in Croatia will commence, with respect to the local laws. The entire process of company incorporation in Croatia can be overseen by our lawyers in Croatia. Talk to us if you want to move to Croatia from South Africa.

Choose our immigration specialists in Croatia

We have a dedicated team of immigration lawyers in Croatia who can assist foreigners all over the world to obtain the necessary visas. Immigration to Croatia comes with a series of rules, depending on the country a person originates. This is why legal advice and recommendations need to be considered in the first place. Our clients rely on professionalism, transparency, and proficiency when it comes to our legal services, including the ones related to immigration. Here are some interesting facts about immigration and the population of Croatia:
  • While more than 39,000 Croatians emigrated, about 26,000 foreigners immigrated to Croatia in 2018.
  • The population of Croatia is around 4.1 million, according to
  • Most immigrants decide on Zagreb when relocating to Croatia.
Would you like to relocate to Croatia from South Africa? You can get in touch with our law firm in Croatia and ask for legal advice. We can assist you throughout the entire relocation process, so feel free to discuss with us.