Dismissal of Croatian Employees

Dismissal of Croatian Employees

Updated on Monday 08th October 2018

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Dismissal-of-Croatian-Employees.jpgA particular economic or financial situation in a company in Croatia might lead at a certain point to the dismissal of employees in the firm. Discharging staff in Croatia is an operation which must respect the provisions of the Employment Law and the Croatian Labor Act. Foreigners working in Croatia or business persons who from varied reasons must fire staff should have a clear picture of the legal aspects involved, a matter in which our lawyers in Croatia can offer support.

When is the employment contract ended?

An employment contract in Croatia can be terminated under specific grounds and in certain situations as mentioned here:
  • the fixed-term contract has expired, and the company no longer wants to prolong the collaboration;
  • the dismissal of the employee is made under the mutual agreement, as mentioned by the employment contract;
  • a notice of dismissal is issued for the employees who will no longer be part of the company;
  • the dismissal enters into force as soon as both parts agreed on the conditions.

When is the dismissal notice issued?

The employment-related responsibilities like providing the salary as mentioned by a contract offering the physical support for developing the operations in the firm might be a situation in which the dismissal of an employee is mandatory. Also, a discharge notice is issued in cases like the employee’s misbehavior, and if the employment duties have not been respected at a certain point. An employment contract can be concluded in respect with the settled announcement and if there are special conditions or organizational reasons for which the dismissal of staff is the right solution.

The prevention of abuse in the case of dismissal

The dismissal of a worker in a company comes with several rights at that moment. Preventing the abuse, in this case, means that the employee cannot hire staff in the same position for 6 months. More than that, after that period, and if the job position is no longer blocked, the employee is obliged to hire back the discharged employee, as stipulated by the Labor Act in Croatia. Several fines and penalties are imposed on companies that do not respect such provisions and particularly the ones connected to the termination of an employment contract.
We invite you to contact our law firm in Croatia for legal advice in the case of employee dismissal.