GDPR Regulations in Croatia

GDPR Regulations in Croatia

Updated on Wednesday 25th July 2018

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GDPR-Regulations-in-Croatia.jpgGDPR or the General Data Protection Regulation replaces the Data Protection Directive 1995 and provides a series of improvements for a better control of the ways in which the personal information of individuals is collected, kept and used online and offline by companies. With several changes as agreed by the European Union's parliament, the GDPR regulations in Croatia are meant to add extra protection for persons and their privacy. Legal advice for both companies and individuals who want to know more about GDPR can be provided by our Croatian lawyers.

What is GDPR?

With a number of changes added starting with May 2018, GDPR has a solid purpose and that is to protect persons from breaches of personal data on the internet, with the help of new regulations agreed by all EU countries. Among the provisions of GDPR, we mention the most important ones:
  • •    the obligation to keep a record of the processing activities in agreement with the individuals;
  • •    companies need to notify persons if the personal data will be used by a third party;
  • •    individuals need to know the purposes for which the private data is used;
  • •    companies must offer complete information about how the personal data is kept and used.
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How are the companies in Croatia affected by GDPR?

Companies with establishments in Croatia needed to rapidly change the privacy policies and aligned with the new regulations imposed by GDPR starting with May 2018. In this direction, businesses must provide to their clients or users the right to complete privacy and the right to determine whether they want to delete their data or not. As already seen on the internet, individuals need to agree on the new GDPR terms before accessing any webpage.

The Croatian Personal Data Protection Agency

The Personal Data Protection Agency in Croatia is an independent institution that controls the ways in which the private data is stored and used in this country. The authority is an important promoter for GDPR in Croatia with numerous activities in this direction since the new set of laws has been announced. Also, the agency is in charge of explaining and introducing the obligations that come with the GDPR regulations in Croatia.

Penalties for companies in Croatia

If the new GDPR regulations are not respected by businesses in Croatia, several penalties can be imposed, as agreed by the EU parliament. Companies can face the situation in which they need to pay 4% of their worldwide profits if breaches of private data are discovered, or if the overall data protection regulations are not respected.
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