Power of attorney in Croatia

Power of Attorney in Croatia

Updated on Tuesday 18th June 2019

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Power of attorney in CroatiaThe power of attorney is a legal document allowing an appointed person to make decisions and act on your behalf. The power of attorney in Croatia can be made by anyone who is minimum 18 years old and has the capacity of decision making. Purchasing a property in Croatia, having a company registered or collecting a debt are situations that may require power of attorney. If you need legal representation in business situations and want to conclude a power of attorney, you can address to our law firm in Croatia.

Situations that require power of attorney

According to the Croatian law, power of attorney grants the agent (the attorney in fact) the right to make legal decisions in different aspects of the grantor's life. Several situations that require power of attorney in Croatia include the following:


  • •    Business situations – opening a company on your behalf, registering a business with the competent authorities, signing business contracts or closing a company. Businessmen who want legal representation in the above mentioned situations need to make a limited power of attorney;
  • •    Medical situations – sickness and healthcare, support services needed by the grantor, medical consent for different treatments. A durable power of attorney for health care is the legal document required in this specific situation;
  • •    Financial situations – opening a merchant account in Croatia, signing checks, buying or selling a property, selling assets like stocks, social security checks, registering for VAT in Croatia and filling tax accounts. These situations require a financial power of attorney to be concluded.

Irrespective of the situation you find yourself in, our attorneys in Croatia can help you make a power of attorney.

Types of power of attorney

According to the Croatian legislation, there are several types of power of attorney. These include the following:

  • •    General non-enduring power of attorney is usually made for a limited period of time, when a person is unavailable for financial decisions. It is applicable when a person travels or has an accident or an operation and his/her mobility is limited. An attorney in fact takes care of any property or financial matters;
  • •    Enduring power of attorney – when a grantor makes an enduring power of attorney, it allows another person to make personal and financial decisions on his/her behalf. The term enduring means that the attorney has durable powers which remain in effect even after the grantor is incapacitated. This type of power of attorney can be revoked in a court of law;
  • •    Medical enduring power of attorney – this type of power of attorney implies the appointing of a medical agent. This person has the legal right to make decisions about medical treatments and to refuse them.


What you need to know about the power of attorney in Croatia

A power of attorney is the type of document that allows a person to act on your behalf in different situations, like signing some documents, make some business acquisitions for the company or simply represent a firm. There are a few things to know about POA and we invite you to read the following:
  1. The power of attorney authorizes a lawyer to deal with real estate matters, tax payments and many more.
  2. Foreign business owners can appoint one of our attorneys to take care of special tasks in the firm in Croatia.
  3. Company documents can be signed with the help of a power of attorney.
  4. A Croatian lawyer can be appointed with a power of attorney to represent a company.
There are many things a power of attorney can solve, so if you would like to know more about the aspects involved, we kindly recommend you get in touch with our team lawyers in Croatia.

Is a power of attorney necessary for litigation cases in Croatia?

Yes, companies facing lawsuits in Croatia will have to talk to our team of lawyers in Croatia and ask for complete legal advice. Our team can represent your company interests in the court of law with a power of attorney. It is recommended to have the legal support of an experienced team of attorneys who can handle all the aspects involving litigation cases in Croatia

The power of attorney for real estate matters

If you are a foreign entrepreneur interested in selling or acquiring a building or any other real estate asset, it is good to know that you can be represented by our lawyers with a power of attorney. The rental and leasing matters, the ownership transfers and re-issuance of building titles can be easily handled by our team of advisors if a power of attorney is issued

What is the validity of a power of attorney in Croatia?

The international laws also apply in Croatia and this means that the validity of a power of attorney can be limited or unlimited, depending on the needs of the grantor. For instance, if you want to set up a business in Croatia, you can speak to our team of advisors and appoint one of our lawyers with a power of attorney during the entire incorporation procedure. This means that the power of attorney will have a limited validity, with the possibility of renewing it if the business owner considers so. 

Choosing the right person for the power of attorney

Some might be wondering how to choose the right person to represent the interests and the affairs in Croatia. Normally, a team of attorneys can handle such tasks in a fair manner, can understand the business values, the duties in the firm and can act in a trustworthy manner. One should know that a power of attorney can grant access to bank accounts and other savings and assets, so a reliable person is recommended and needed. In this direction, you can completely rely on the professional support of our Croatian team of attorneys and get in touch with us if you are a business person who is interested in a power of attorney for his/her company in Croatia.

A financial power of attorney – what you need to know

A financial power of attorney is needed for most of the financial management aspects in the company. This means that all the banking transactions (safety deposits, payments, etc.) can be easily handled by one of our lawyers with a power of attorney. The assets and trusts transfers can also be made with such an important document: the power of attorney.

What is a medical power of attorney?

All the medical decisions of a person can be handled by a lawyer with a power of attorney. There are persons who can create a will and include all the medical wishes which can be handled, when it is the case, by an agent with a power of attorney. In such a case, the power of attorney will be valid for an indeterminate period of time or until the person is deceased.

How is the power of attorney terminated?

A power of attorney can be revoked at any time by announcing your agent or lawyer about this intention. This means that you have canceled the authority of handling specific tasks in the company or for personal matters. Moreover, it is required to notify the authorities or institutions if the power of attorney is no longer valid. In this direction, one of our lawyers will make the necessary arrangements in terms of documents and notifications. The power of attorney is a significant document and if you need to know more about the specific tasks and empowers, you may talk to our Croatian attorneys and direct your inquiries as soon as you need some answers and information.
In terms of business, it is good to know that our team of advisors is at your service with legal advice and support. Here are some statistics and information about the business and investments in Croatia:
  1. Approximately EUR 59 million represented the FDI registered in Croatia in Q3 last year.
  2. Croatia is ranked 18th among the countries with a well-developed tourism sector, so there are numerous investments made here.
  3. The business confidence of Croatia grew by 3.3% in May this year.
  4. There were more than 1,390,000 million persons employed in the first 6 months of 2019.

Please feel free to contact our lawyers in Croatia if you need further details about power of attorney and situations that require this legal instrument.