Competition Law in Croatia

Competition Law in Croatia

Updated on Wednesday 22nd August 2018

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Competition-Law-in-Croatia.jpgThe Competition Law in Croatia is the set of regulations that oversees the activities of companies in this country, in order to act in a fair manner on the market and respect the general business rules. The operations of limited liability company, joint stock companies, and sole traders must respect the provisions of the Croatian Competition Law. For a correct understanding of the legal aspects of this act and the manner in which the Croatian Competition Agency supervises the businesses in this country, we invite you to talk to our lawyers in Croatia at any time.

What is prohibited by the Competition Act in Croatia?

For a fair business activity on the market, the Competition Act in Croatia prevents and restricts several practices which might be met on the Croatian territory:
  • companies or business entities cannot agree on certain mutual practices with the scope of an unfair competition on the market;
  • the abuse of a dominant position is strictly banned by the Competition Act;
  • if certain activities would obstruct the operative competition on the market, the Company Act in Croatia intervenes;
  • it is strictly forbidden to distort the activities and make arrangements with certain entities for particular gains on the market.
The legal aspects of the Competition Law in Croatia need to be fully understood before placing the business on the market. In this direction, you can talk to our Croatian attorneys.

Penalties for breaching the Competition Act in Croatia

If the Croatian Competition Agency decides that your company breached the rules of the Competition Law, it is recommended to get in touch with our team of lawyers in Croatia. Among the penalties for infringing the rules of the Competition Act in Croatia, we mention the fines ranging between 1% and 10% applied to the total revenues of the company in a particular year. The Croatian Competition Agency was recently created to control and penalize if it is the case, the companies with activities in this country. If a few years back, the courts of law dealt with Competition Law infringements, the cases are directed and solved by this important agency.
Please feel free to contact our law firm in Croatia and find out more details about the Competition Law in Croatia.