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Employee/ Personnel Relocation to Croatia

Updated on Tuesday 04th July 2023

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employee personnel relocation to croatia
If you want to open a business and you are interested in employee relocation to Croatia, you should know that you can benefit from the support offered by our Croatian lawyers. Thus, you must also respect the formalities for immigration when you decide on personnel relocation to Croatia. In the following lines, you can discover interesting information about employee/personnel relocation to Croatia and the legal formalities that can be managed by one of our immigration lawyers in Croatia.

Visa and work permits for employees in Croatia

Opening a business can also involve employee/personnel relocation to Croatia, not just hiring local workers. Thus, certain categories of workers must have a work permit issued, but also a visa to enter this country. This applies to citizens outside the European Union. Here are some important information in this regard:
  • The work permit for Croatia is valid for 12 months, but it can be extended.
  • In order to issue this document, you need to prove the employment contract in Croatia.
  • Health insurance and proof of income are required.
  • Academic skills and qualifications are also required.
We advise you to contact our immigration lawyers in Croatia to benefit from legal support in this endeavor. Employee/personnel relocation to Croatia involves a series of formalities that can be managed by one of our specialists.
On the other hand, you can opt for our services if you are interested in immigration to Croatia and the steps for a correct relocation.

Who has priority in the Croatian labor market?

According to the Labor Code, Croatian employers have priority for employment in the local market. Thus, only when there is not enough labor force can one switch to hiring foreign workers, a practice that many countries in the European Union and outside it have. Employee/personnel relocation in Croatia can be a much-simplified process if you benefit from specialized services from our law firm in Croatia.

Residence for foreign employees in Croatia

When applying for a work permit, you can also opt for a residence permit. These two documents can be issued at the same time, considering that the required documents are the same. Here is also added the proof of registration with the municipal authorities in Croatia, in the city chosen for residence. The validity of a residence permit in Croatia is 1 year, but you have the possibility to extend it. You can also apply for permanent residence in Croatia if you have lived in this country for at least 5 years with a temporary one.

Working with our immigration lawyers in Croatia

If you want to relocate to Croatia and you need help and legal advice, we recommend the services offered by our company. We can represent our clients on immigration issues, including employee/personnel relocation to Croatia. Here are some statistical data about immigration in Croatia, if you want to relocate your staff in this country:
  • The data for 2021 show that around 35,912 people immigrated to Croatia, while another approximately 40,424 citizens left this country.
  • Around 22.4% of all immigrants in Croatia came from Bosnia and Herzegovina in the same year.
  • Approximately 32.3% of emigrants from Croatia went to Germany as a new country for residency.
Would you like to move to Croatia with our business? Are you interested in employee/personnel relocation to Croatia? You can simplify immigration matters by contacting our lawyers in Croatia. We can help you immigrate to Croatia in a fast and reliable manner.