Immigrate to Croatia from UK

Immigrate to Croatia from UK

Updated on Tuesday 19th March 2024

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Immigrate to Croatia from UK.jpgFirst of all, it is important to note that there is no need to obtain a visa for Croatia if you come from UK. Yet, as the UK leaves the European Union, new rules might be imposed starting with January 2021. Our Croatian lawyers can help you immigrate to Croatia from UK by handling the formalities imposed. We provide legal assistance for a wide range of immigration matters, if you want to relocate to Croatia from the UK.

No visa to enter Croatia from UK

The British Citizen passport is more than enough to enter Croatia, as this country does not impose an entry visa. This important rule is applicable until the end of 2020, further regulations being on deliberation by the authorities in UK. Here are a few important changes that will be implemented starting with January 2021:
  1. Visiting family and friends in Croatia as a British citizen is possible without a tourist visa for stays of up to 90 days.
  2. The flight return ticket might be solicited by the Croatian control authorities.
  3. The passport must be valid for at least 6 months. This rule is applicable starting with 2021.
  4. Proof of accommodation and the business invitation can be solicited by the authorities in Croatia.
The entry requirements for British citizens in Croatia can be explained by one of our lawyers specialized in how to immigrate in Croatia. In the case of UK nationals looking for business in Croatia, our advisors are here to help them start a company in Croatia in compliance with the applicable laws. Talk to us if you want to move to Croatia from the UK.

Residence permit requirements in Croatia

The temporary residence permit in Croatia is issued for British nationals interested in family reunification, study, work, scientific research, and it has a validity of one year. However, the residence permit can be extended for another year by submitting the required documents to the local police station in Croatia. One must note that the proof of accommodation in Croatia, a certificate showing a clear criminal record, proof of health insurance, and proof of enough funds to sustain the living in Croatia are solicited by the authorities who issue the temporary residence permits. Our attorneys in Croatia can offer support and legal assistance for those who want to relocate to Croatia from the UK.

Can I relocate my British company to Croatia?

Yes, company relocation is possible in Croatia and it is subject to a few important formalities. British company owners must firstly de-register the business from UK, and prepare a declaration stating the relocation decision, signed by managers and company administrators. The relocation starts with the registration of the British company in Croatia, with the entitled authorities. The Company Act in Croatia comprises the main business rules and regulations that must be respected by both local and foreign entrepreneurs. You can discuss all the relocation terms for UK companies in Croatia with one of our Croatian lawyers. We are here to provide complete assistance and legal support if you want to immigrate to Croatia.

Citizenship in Croatia

Croatian citizenship can be acquired through marriage by British nationals. The birth certificate, the marriage certificate, a valid passport, a clear criminal record, the application form, and other documents are required for the Croatian citizenship application, in a legalized and translated form. The formalities of citizenship for British nationals can be explained by one of our Croatian lawyers. We  can help you immigrate to Croatia in the shortest time possible.

Why immigrate to Croatia

The business advantages in Croatia are huge, particularly in sectors like tourism and real estate, to give a few examples. The insular state provides equal business rights to both domestic and international entrepreneurs with development potential in Croatia. A series of encouragements are offered by the Croatian government to investors, mainly related to tax advantages in certain conditions. The well-trained and multilingual workforce in Croatia is a major advantage for foreign entrepreneurs interested in local labor. The following facts and figures highlight a part of the economic direction of Croatia:
  • The Netherlands is the main investor in Croatia (20.7%), followed by Austria (12.3%), and Italy (10.4%).
  • Approximately USD 1.4 billion was the total FDI stock for Croatia in 2019.
  • According to the 2020 Doing Business report, Croatia ranks 51st out of 190 economies in the world.
  • Around 30% of the total FDIs in Croatia are directed to the financial services sector.
Interested in how to immigrate to Croatia from UK? We kindly invite you to contact our team of lawyers in Croatia who can help you from a legal point of view. The same team of specialists can provide legal support to foreigners interested in starting a business in Croatia and move to Croatia from the UK.