Purchase a Company in Croatia

Purchase a Company in Croatia

Updated on Sunday 02nd February 2020

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private-limited-liability-company-in-croatia.jpgForeign entrepreneurs who want to invest in Croatia may consider purchasing a ready-made company which offers various advantages. A ready-made company in Croatia could be:

 1.    a shelf company that has been established by a provider, who holds the company until a purchaser is found;
 2.    a business entity which comes with a registered business name, VAT and  EORI numbers and a bank account in a Croatian bank, transaction history and domain name.   

Our law firm in Croatia has expertise in assisting foreign investors purchasing companies in Croatia and is ready to help you with any enquiry of such.

Advantages of purchasing a ready-made company

There are various aspects which a foreign investor purchasing a ready-made company in Croatia finds to be more useful. They are as follows:

 1.    Time saving and efficiency. You can start doing business as soon as the purchase is over and it is not necessary to go through the incorporation procedures.
 2.    A shelf company with a VAT number will allow you to invoice your customers straight away.
 3.    Since the ready-made company is already established in the market, this gives the company an appearance of credibility and age.
 4.    A company with corporate history can be very useful for matters which require showing trading history, such as obtaining credit from a financial institution, bidding, leveraging and so forth.

If you are looking to purchase a company with a history, it is important that such company should come with no debts or any other legal problems. Our attorneys in Croatia can offer you expert help to source such company, conduct due diligence and register the changes of ownership that occur in the company’s documents regarding the names of the new owners, shareholders, board members and other major details. If you are a foreign national, we can also help you to deal with the embassy or the consulate to complete the formalities.

For foreign investors who are looking to establish large companies, they can choose to acquire ownership and shares of joint stock companies in Croatia. In some cahses, the EORI registration is needed.

The government of the Republic of Croatia has established a service called HITRO.HR which provides faster and easier access to information for the citizens and business entities. It aims to accelerate and simplify the procedure of establishing a company in Croatia. It is now possible for an investor to establish a company within eight working days. Starting a limited liability company with a share capital in cash and a simple limited liability company is now possible from any notary’s or office in the Republic of Croatia at any of commercial courts within 24 hours. Incorporating a company in Croatia is an alternative option for foreign investors to consider.

Our law firm in Croatia has expertise in company formation, purchase and acquisition of a ready-made companies. Should you need legal services in these areas, please contact our lawyers in Croatia.