Legal Services in Zagreb

Legal Services in Zagreb

Updated on Friday 26th January 2018

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Legal-Services-in-Zagreb.jpgBusiness persons in Croatia whether nationals or foreigners can benefit from the services offered by our Croatian team of lawyers through the local office in Zagreb. Considering the appealing business climate in this city, investors can set up a wide range of companies in different and significant sectors, but can also establish subsidiaries or branches in Zagreb. Here are the main legal services we can offer to entrepreneurs regardless of the country of residence.

Company registration in Zagreb

The company incorporation procedure in Croatia has been simplified in the recent years to allow investors set up their activities in a fast and reliable manner. In this direction, business persons can easily register limited liability companies, joint stock companies, general/limited partnerships and sole proprietorships, the main business entities preferred for operations in Croatia, including Zagreb, the capital. Our lawyers in Croatia can oversee the registration process of your firm from a legal point of view.

Opening branches and subsidiaries in Zagreb

If you are planning to expand your activities in Croatia and particularly in Zagreb, you may choose to establish a subsidiary or a branch. Each business form is subject to special rules and regulations which can be explained by our team of attorneys. Moreover, our advisors can provide the necessary information about the benefits of branches and subsidiaries and also details about the differences between these entities.

Mergers and acquisitions in Zagreb

When deciding on mergers and acquisitions in Zagreb, it is best to consider the terms and conditions related. Before making any movement, please feel free to address your requests in this sense to our Croatian lawyers who can also establish the deal on your behalf.

Commercial and corporate litigation

Companies in Zagreb may face difficulties and situations in which a lawsuit cannot be avoided. Having a solid and correct idea about the legislation in this sense, our attorneys in Zagreb can represent foreign entrepreneurs in the courts of law in case of commercial or a corporate litigation.

Company liquidation in Zagreb

If for different purposes your business cannot continue the operations in Croatia, closing the company might represent the proper solution. The company liquidation comes with varied requirements which can be explained by our lawyers in Zagreb. Additionally, the entrepreneur can solicit company relocation or business restructuring.

Obtaining special licenses and permits in Zagreb

Numerous activities in Croatia are subject to particular licenses, in order to legally operate on the market. The framework and the related issues must be completely understood before applying for special licenses and permits. You can rely on complete legal assistance offered by our team of advisors.

Tax advice for businesses in Zagreb

If you are a foreign entrepreneur who wants to enlarge his or her activities on the Croatian market you need to bear in mind the tax regime which applies to all sectors. One can also request details about the tax benefits or about the tax minimization methods available for your business.
For more details about the legal services we can offer in Zagreb, please do not hesitate to contact our law firm in Croatia.