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Legal Services in Zagreb

Updated on Tuesday 03rd May 2022

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Legal-Services-in-Zagreb.jpgBusiness persons in Croatia whether nationals or foreigners can benefit from the services offered by our Croatian team of lawyers through the law firm in Zagreb. Considering the appealing business climate in this city, investors can set up a wide range of companies in different and significant sectors, but can also establish subsidiaries or branches in Zagreb. Here are the main legal services we can offer to entrepreneurs if they get in touch with our law firm in Zagreb.

Company registration in Zagreb

The company incorporation procedure in Croatia has been simplified in the recent years to allow investors set up their activities in a fast and reliable manner. In this direction, business persons can easily register limited liability companies, joint stock companies, general/limited partnerships and sole proprietorships, the main business entities preferred for operations in Croatia, including Zagreb, the capital. Our lawyers in Croatia can oversee the registration process of your firm from a legal point of view.

Opening branches and subsidiaries in Zagreb

If you are planning to expand your activities in Croatia and particularly in Zagreb, you may choose to establish a subsidiary or a branch. Each business form is subject to special rules and regulations which can be explained by our team of attorneys. Moreover, our advisors can provide the necessary information about the benefits of branches and subsidiaries and also details about the differences between these entities. Feel free to get in touch with our law firm in Zagreb.

Mergers and acquisitions in Zagreb

When deciding on mergers and acquisitions in Zagreb, it is best to consider the terms and conditions related. Before making any movement, please feel free to address your requests in this sense to our Croatian lawyers who can also establish the deal on your behalf. More about our legal services can be found if you get in touch with our law firm in Zagreb.

Commercial and corporate litigation

Companies in Zagreb may face difficulties and situations in which a lawsuit cannot be avoided. Having a solid and correct idea about the legislation in this sense, our attorneys in Zagreb can represent foreign entrepreneurs in the courts of law in case of commercial or a corporate litigation.

Company liquidation in Zagreb

If for different purposes your business cannot continue the operations in Croatia, closing the company might represent the proper solution. The company liquidation comes with varied requirements which can be explained by our lawyers in Zagreb. Additionally, the entrepreneur can solicit company relocation or business restructuring.

Obtaining special licenses and permits in Zagreb

Numerous activities in Croatia are subject to particular licenses, in order to legally operate on the market. The framework and the related issues must be completely understood before applying for special licenses and permits. You can rely on complete legal assistance offered by our team of advisors.
If you need a digital nomad visa in Croatia, we can offer legal assistance.

Tax advice for businesses in Zagreb

If you are a foreign entrepreneur who wants to enlarge his or her activities on the Croatian market you need to bear in mind the tax regime which applies to all sectors. One can also request details about the tax benefits or about the tax minimization methods available for your business.

Divorce lawyer in Zagreb

Couples who want to get a divorce in Croatia should consider the legal advice provided by our lawyers. Separation can be done by mutual agreement if the partners manage to share their responsibilities and properties. Also, if minor children are involved, custody is at issue and can be determined in court. It is important to know that each partner can be represented by a lawyer from our law firm in Zagreb, but for more information, do not hesitate to talk to us.

Child custody and legal representation

From the very beginning, we want to mention that the Family Law in Croatia focuses on the well-being of children, especially in the case of a divorce. Separation of parents is certainly an unpleasant situation, but custody must be established from the beginning when the parents decide on the divorce. Normally, the mother is the one who receives custody of the minors, who must continue living in the same environment. In this case, the father will have to pay child support, established in advance by a judge.
If you want to know more about child custody and Family Law do not hesitate to contact our law firm in Zagreb.

Immigration lawyer in Zagreb

Foreigners who want to immigrate to Croatia must take into account the legislation in force. For example, citizens coming from non-EU countries must first obtain a visa in order to enter the country. The application for a residence permit in Croatia is next, for which other rules apply.
In addition, those interested in obtaining Croatian citizenship are advised to seek specialized help and get in touch with us. We are here to offer you all the necessary support to be able to benefit from the expected results and solutions.

Support for debt collection

Receivables can be a real chore for those involved. In this situation, the creditors want their money, and the debtors are unable to make those payments. Therefore, one should ask for debt collection services provided by our lawyers with experience in the field.
We will initiate optimal communication with those who have debts to you and we will offer them solutions that will get them out of the impasse. If they do not answer our call, then we will initiate the process of debt recovery through the court of law. We are here to offer you all the necessary support if you encounter such problems and if you want to benefit from handy solutions. Feel free to get in touch with our law firm in Zagreb.

Legal advice for property purchase

Acquiring a property is quite easy if you take into account the formalities involved in the process. Some terms are known only to lawyers, and thorough analysis before any property purchase is required. We, therefore, recommend that you consider real estate due diligence, a procedure that is not at all complex, but beneficial for those who want to buy a property. Thus, you will have the guarantee that the respective property is not in dispute and that it is encumbered by any other tasks. We invite you to discuss all aspects of buying a home with our lawyers in Zagreb.

Why invest in Croatia

Foreign investors who want to do business in Croatia can benefit from a stable and highly valued business climate. A multilingual and experienced workforce, digitization of services, modern infrastructure, free access to international financial markets, and economic stability are some of Croatia's strengths for foreign investors. Croatian law is permissive and guarantees equal rights for both domestic and foreign players interested in investing in this country. Moreover, the repatriation of profits is not taxable, which is a major benefit when it comes to investing in Croatia. Here are some statistics that outline the economic direction of Croatia:
  • Over USD 32 billion was the total FDI in Croatia in 2020.
  • According to the 2020 Doing Business report, Croatia ranked 51st out of 190 world economies in terms of business conditions.
  • Most foreign investment in 2020 has been absorbed by sectors such as wholesale trade, financial services, telecommunications, and real estate.
  • The Netherlands, Italy, Austria, and Germany are among the largest foreign investors in Croatia.
  • Inflation of 0.3% was recorded in Croatia in 2020.
  • The fact that Croatia is part of the European Union does nothing but guarantee stability and business equality for foreign investors.
For more details about the legal services we can offer in Zagreb, please do not hesitate to contact our law firm in Croatia.