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Digital Nomad Visa in Croatia

Updated on Monday 08th January 2024

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digital nomad in Croatia
In January 2021, Croatia introduced the digital nomad visa. This type of visa is a rather temporary residence permit, and in this article, you will discover how it can be obtained. We mention that our immigration lawyers in Croatia offer you legal support for Croatian nomad visa.
 Quick Facts  
 Who can obtain a digital nomad visa for Croatia?

 Remote workers from non-EU/EEA countries

Requirements for a digital nomad visa for Croatia

- a certain monthly income,

- working for a foreign company,

- working as a freelancer

Necessary documents

- valid passport,

- application form,

- clear criminal record,

- health insurance policy,

- marriage certificate,

- proof of funds

 Financial conditions

Monthly income of minimum EUR 2,539 or EUR 30,471 deposited in a bank account

Nomad residence permit in Croatia

Nomad digital visa for Croatia is issued as a residence permit.

Application for digital nomad visa in Croatia

- at a foreign Embassy or Consulate,

- police station,

- on the official website of the immigration authorities in Croatia

 Validity of digital nomad visa for Croatia

12 months with no extension option

Requirements for family members inclusion

Around EUR 89/month per each family member to join the program

Taxes for digital nomads

No income tax imposed in Croatia

Applicants must pay the taxes in the country of origin.

Time frame for obtaining a digital nomad visa for Croatia

Around 30 days

 Starting a business in Croatia as a digital nomad

- choose the proper business structure,

- draft the Articles of Association,

- register for taxation

Digital nomad visa for UK citizens

British citizens must apply for a digital nomad visa for Croatia and respect the formalities as non-EU citizens do.

Croatia credit rating

Baa2 and the outlook is stable, according to Moody's

Official language

Croatian, but more than 65% of the population also speaks English

Reasons to apply for a digital nomad visa for Croatia

- great business opportunities,

- stable and fruitful economy,

- great European lifestyle,

- affordable cost of living,

- developed digital nomad community

 Registration with the local authorities  Required 

 Proof of address 

 Solicited at the time of application for  digital nomad visa in Croatia

 Can a hostel or hotel address be used?

Yes, if you do not have proof of domicile in Croatia, you can provide information about your accommodation, such as a hostel or hotel. 

 Applying for a digital nomad visa for a second time Candidates must wait 90 days between applications.
 Long-term residence requirements

 Living without interruptions in Croatia for 4 or 5 years.

 Can I work for a company in Croatia with a digital nomad visa? 

 Non-EU/EEA citizens cannot be employed by Croatian companies while enjoying a digital nomad visa.

Digital nomad visa for 6 months or one year   

 Applicants can choose the period of validity for their digital nomad visa for Croatia.

 Requirements for clear criminal record 

Legalized and translated into English 

What is proof of purpose document?  

A document showing you are a digital nomad in Croatia 

Notarization and translation   Required for all documents 
Passport validity   

3 months longer than the period of validity of the digital nomad visa 

Owning a property and applying for a digital nomad visa 

The authorities ask for documents issued by the land registry in Croatia. 

 Is a residence permit for digital nomad biometric? (YES/NO) 


Working for a company not registered in Croatia 

It is the main requirement for getting a digital nomad visa for Croatia. 

 Why work with our Croatian lawyers?  

- experience in visa matters,

- affordable prices,

- professionalism 


How to obtain a digital nomad visa in Croatia

Adaptation to the new social conditions has led many countries to introduce various programs for those who work remotely and can do so from anywhere in the world. As mentioned above, a Croatian nomad digital visa is the same as a temporary residence permit in Croatia. This permit is for citizens of non-EU countries who want to live and work remotely in Croatia. Let's review the Croatian nomad visa requirements:
  • Croatian digital nomad visa allows you to stay for up to 12 months. Then there is the possibility of renewal.
  • The first condition for applying for a digital nomad visa for Croatia is to be employed by a foreign company. Those who have business or work as freelancers are also accepted.
  • The passport must be valid for another 3 months after the visa deadline.
  • Proof of remote income of at least  EUR 2,539 per month is needed. A bank account of at least  EUR 30,471 is also accepted.
  • Authorities are demanding a clear criminal record.
  • Health insurance valid in Croatia is required.
  • You must show a lease contract to prove that you have a domicile in Croatia.
In addition to the above, you need to fill in the standard forms provided by the authorities. This can be done online and you can seek specialist help from our immigration lawyers in Croatia. We can tell you more about a digital nomad visa in Croatia and about immigration to Croatia.
You might want to discover the following infographic with details on this topic:
Requirements to Obtain Digital Nomad Visa in Croatia

What are the costs required to obtain a Croatian remote work visa?

Visa and administration fees must be paid to obtain a Croatian digital nomad visa. The application for the Croatian remote work visa can be done at the consulate, and it costs around  EUR 60. The residence card costs about  EUR 310.
If you apply to a local police station to obtain a digital nomad visa in Croatia, then the temporary residence fee will be around EUR 45, along with about EUR 30 for the biometric residence card.
No matter how you want to apply, please note that our Croatian lawyers can handle Croatian digital nomad visa requirements. We are at your disposal with specialized legal advice about immigration to Croatia.

Is Croatian digital nomad visa the path to permanent residence?

No, a digital nomad visa in Croatia does not mean that you will obtain permanent residence in Croatia. Please note that this type of visa is a temporary residence permit in Croatia and is valid for 1 year, with the possibility of renewal.
As for permanent residence in Croatia, foreigners must prove that they have lived in this country for at least 5 years, without interruption. Do not hesitate to talk to us if you want more information about Croatian remote work visa. We can discuss more about Croatian digital nomad visa requirements.
We invite you to discover a video presentation on this topic:


Employment law in Croatia


Employment in Croatia is governed by the country's Constitution, international conventions and treaties, local employment laws and regulations, collective agreements signed by one or more employers or an association of employers on the one part and one or more labor unions on the other part,  as well as  individual employment contracts between employers and employees. 
The Ministry of Labor and Pension System of the Republic of Croatia (Ministarstvo rada i mirovinskog sustava) is in charge of the administrative and other tasks relating to employment policy, regulations and law enforcement of labor market, rights and obligations of the employers and employees, employment relations,  policy on pension and insurance and relations with trade unions and employers associations.  Our lawyers in Croatia  can offer you a wide range of legal services for employers in Croatia.

General employment matters:
  •  Maximum working hours for full-time work is 40 per week, but this can be extended up to 60 hours under a collective agreement.  The employer must give a written request to the employee for overtime work.
  •  Minimum age for employment in Croatia is 15 years.
  •  Legal minimum for paid annual leave is 28 days. Public holidays are not included in the duration of the annual leave.
  •  Employees are entitled to 13 annual public holidays, up to seven days of personal leave, and up to 42 days of paid sick leave per year.
  •  Workers employed by a company who has at least 20 workers, have the right to take part in decision-making on issues related to their economic and social rights and interests.


Family members to join digital nomad in Croatia

It is worth mentioning that the person applying for digital nomad can also involve a close family in this endeavor. On the basis of family reunification, family members can accompany the main candidate with the digital nomad application. In this sense, it will be necessary to present the marriage certificate in translated and legalized form.
Children's birth certificates are also needed. But all this information can be provided by one of our lawyers in Croatia who can also successfully manage the formalities related to the documents. Get in touch with us to discover the legal services offered.

Other requirements to consider

Apart from the formalities and requirements for obtaining a digital nomad in Croatia, applicants must also consider other aspects. Among these, we remind you that health insurance is needed to cover the entire stay in Croatia and, respectively, to be extended, if the stay will be the same. In other words, in the case of freelancing purposes, you must prepare supporting documents in this regard. Also, the authorities may ask you to provide proof of a clear criminal record, or a certificate to that effect, issued by the authorities in the country of origin.
We mention that the application for a digital nomad visa for Croatia can also be made from this country, so that, once you arrive here, you can start preparations in this regard, with the help of our lawyers with experience in immigration matters.

What is the proof of purpose document?

With the help of the document called "proof of purpose," you can prove that you are a digital nomad. In other words, the work you do online, from Croatia, for a foreign company, can be proven with this type of document. Thus, this is valid for third-country citizens, who must present a copy of the employment contract or a copy of the documents showing that the company they own is their property.
Also related to this document, it must also contain information about invoices and payments with existing clients. We remind you that you can benefit from legal support if you wish to draw up such a document, according to the rules and requirements imposed by the Croatian authorities.

When a background check is needed

As we mentioned above in the article, the authorities in Croatia require a clear criminal record for people who apply for a digital nomad visa. In this process, background checks will be done so that they can be sure of your history, from a criminal point of view. But as long as you are still in the country of origin, it is recommended that you contact the relevant authorities and request the necessary document, to be prepared at the time of application for such a visa. It is good to know that this document is issued quite quickly so that you will not waste time in such an endeavor.
Whatever your questions may be, we recommend that you contact our lawyers in Croatia to obtain a digital nomad visa faster. We thus assure clients that this process will be free of complexities.

How long can a digital nomad visa be issued?

If all the documents are accepted by the authorities, the digital nomad visa can be issued in about a month. The authorities will make a series of checks before providing an answer in this sense, but our lawyers will be in permanent collaboration with them to communicate any news in this sense. Therefore, we recommend that you contact us and discover all the formalities related to obtaining a digital nomad in Croatia.

Croatia is a good destination for nomads

Croatia is a welcoming country for those who want to work remotely or who want to open various businesses in this country. The business climate is attractive, as is the tax system. As for the economy, you may be interested in the following information:
  • In 2020, Croatia had a total FDI of more than USD 32 billion.
  • The 2020 Doing Business report ranked Croatia 51st out of 190 global economies in terms of business climate and conditions.
  • USD 110 million is Croatia's loan for the Justice for Business project, which runs until 2024.
Want to know more about Croatian digital nomad visa? Contact our law firm in Croatia for legal guidance.