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Immigrate to Croatia from Russia

Updated on Wednesday 25th May 2022

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immigrate to croatia from russiaRussian citizens wishing to immigrate to Croatia must have a visa to enter the country. This is valid for 90 days, but it can be extended. Find out from our Croatian lawyers how to immigrate to Croatia from Russia and what are the legal issues you need to consider. You can benefit from complete legal assistance in order to have a smooth relocation process to Croatia.

How to obtain a Croatian visa

A visa valid for 90 days can be obtained by citizens who want immigrate to Croatia from Russia, if they meet the following conditions:
  • Applicants must present a valid passport.
  • Information is needed on the necessary income to cover the entire stay in Croatia.
  • Health insurance is also required, with a cover of EUR 30,000.
  • Immigration authorities also need information about their domicile in Croatia.
If the stay is extended for more than 90 days, Russian citizens must apply for a residence permit. Details about obtaining this document but also about the visa can be obtained from one of our Croatian lawyers with experience in immigration. If you want to move to Croatia, talk to us.

Formalities for obtaining a residence permit for Croatia

Temporary residence permit is required for those who want to relocate to Croatia from Russia, if the stay exceeds the 90 days allowed with entry visa. This document is issued by the local police, and among the formalities we mention:
  • Valid identification documents.
  • Copy of the birth certificate, as well as the authorized translation.
  • Health insurance and a clear criminal record are needed.
The authorities can also ask for information about the period you want to spend in Croatia, as well as about the sources of income. More about how to get a residence permit can be discussed with one of our attorneys in Croatia. Also, Russian citizens who want to start a business in Croatia can call on our specialized help.

Russian workers in Croatia

Those interested in how to relocate to Croatia from Russia after accepting a job offer should know that they need a work permit. This type of document guarantees work in Croatia under legal conditions and is issued with a residence permit. The hiring company must provide details about the job, as well as the contract signed by both parties.
Our lawyers in Croatia often work with employers looking for foreign labor. Therefore, our experts can contact the employers directly in order to complete all the formalities related to work and residence permits for Russian citizens. Contact us if you are interested on this topic.

Why move to Croatia from Russia

The conditions for business development as well as the optimal climate that provides a number of benefits are among the advantages offered by Croatia. The work-life balance is another serious reason why Croatia is on the list of those who want to emigrate. Being a country considered safe in terms of crime rate, Croatia is definitely an excellent choice for those who want to move to Croatia from Russia. Here are some interesting statistics:
  • Data for 2020 show that more than 33,000 people immigrated to Croatia.
  • About 28% of immigrants arrived in Croatia from Bosnia and Herzegovina in the same year.
  • Over 74% of foreign immigrants to Croatia are men.
Want to know more about how to immigrate to Croatia from Russia? We invite you to contact our law firm in Croatia and discuss all legal issues with one of our experts.