Tax Burden on Croatian Employers to be Reduced

The expenses linked to labor and business in Croatia are in the attention of financial authorities who might consider the positive effects and the business direction if some taxes will be cut. There are several proposals on debates in Croatia, and tax breaks might be the proper solution for foreigners willing to extend their operations in Croatia. The legislation related to foreign investments allows foreigners to benefit from the same business rules as domestic entrepreneurs. You can receive information and legal support in this matter from our Croatian lawyers.

Croatia, Among Balkan Countries with an Easy Way of Doing Business


The ways in which the business is made in Europe have been recently revealed by a report and several analyses made by the World Bank. Croatia, Portugal, Slovakia and the Czech Republic are among the countries in which the business can develop fast and easy. Our lawyers in Croatia are at your disposal for information and legal advice in matters of business formation in Croatia.

Croatia to be Included on Europe's Digital Single Market


The digital single market involves since 2015 all activities in e-commerce, telecommunication, and digital marketing sectors, and it is controlled by the EU rules and regulations. Croatia is on the list of countries interested in joining the “Digital Single Market Strategy for Europe” which aims the development of the overall European digital economy. Having a business in e-commerce, for example, needs a legal support in this matter, and our lawyers in Croatia can offer the suitable advice.

Organic Farming to Flourish in Croatia

The multitude of business opportunities in Croatia stands at the base of the overall economic growth for which foreign investors have a thing to say. The agriculture sector in Croatia met an important expansion in recent years, with complete accents on organic farming. Investing in agriculture in Croatia may represent a long-term business and a successful idea. If you want to benefit from the business environment in Croatia and place your investments, you may address to our Croatian lawyers for legal support.

The Tourism Sector Rose by 20% in January


Focused on varied measures to enforce the tourism sector, the Croatian government has been rewarded for the last year’s performances in this sector, as there have been registered around 19 million visitors in Croatia in 2017. Likewise, this year started with the same positive trends, and particularly for January. Knowing that the tourism sector flourishes each year, foreign entrepreneurs are attracted by the wide range of business opportunities in Croatia. Complete legal support and advice can be offered on request by our lawyers in Croatia.

The Economic Relations Between Croatia and Turkey to Become Stronger in 2018


Croatia has sustainable plans for 2018 and one of them involves the economic collaboration with Turkey. At a recent meeting between the two representatives on these countries, several agreements and points of interest have been debated. The investment field is attractive in Croatia which is why Turkish entrepreneurs but also from other countries are invited to set up their businesses. The legal aspects can be explained by our lawyers in Croatia.

The Fixed Investments Sustained the GDP in Croatia in Q3 of 2017


The economic expansion of Croatia has not passed unnoticed, especially in the third quarter of 2017 which was the most prolific period for the country. The Statistical Institute in Croatia presented the numbers for the past year and concluded that the fixed investments in the country represented the force for Q3. Investors from abroad are welcomed in Croatia’s favorable business climate. All the legal concerns linked to the company registration can be dealt by our lawyers in Croatia.

Croatia to Strengthen the Business Relations with China


The economic relations between Croatia and China have recently met new terms and agreements with the representatives of both countries who develop the new plans for the years to come. The main targets refer to the possibilities of developing the infrastructure and the tourism sectors, both significant areas that can be expanded with solid investments. The Croatian market represents an important and competitive player where investors can set up a wide range of businesses. If you are a foreigner interested in opening a company in Croatia and you need to know the legislation related, you may talk to our Croatian lawyers. Our team can offer legal support for varied concerns.

How the Croatian Business Environment Could be Improved in Years to Come


Even if Croatia is considered an important player in the European market and a stable country from an economic point of view, there are numerous reasons to consider that further implementations will improve the overall health in varied key points. In a recent meeting between the American representatives of the Chamber of Commerce and the Croatian president, several opportunities for firming up the economy in this country have been analyzed and put on a debate. Croatia welcomes foreign investments in all industries, and for a better understanding of the legislation related, our Croatian lawyers can offer legal support.

Record Growth of Croatian Tourism in the First Half of 2017


With 5.9 million visitors, Croatia witnessed a record growth of tourism in the first half of 2017. According to the data provided by the country`s tourism board, the tourism sector grew by 22% compared to the last year`s figures. This growth is due to the measures taken by the local government to attract direct foreign investments to the tourism sector.  Our lawyers in Croatia can give you a professional insight into the investment legislation of the country.

Tax Reform Measures Implemented in Croatia


Tax reform measures were implemented in Croatia by the local government at the beginning of 2017. These measures are aimed at ending the frequent tax amendments and preparing the grounds for attracting foreign investments. Fifteen regulations related to taxation in Croatia were significantly changed by the local authorities and most of their provisions became effective since January 1st, 2017. Our lawyers in Croatia can give you extensive information regarding the legal aspects of this tax reform.