Obtain Information About Croatian Companies

Obtain Information About Croatian Companies

Updated on Saturday 14th April 2018

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Obtain-Information-About-Croatian-Companies. jpg.jpgThe company incorporation in Croatia starts with the local Trade Register and the requirements in this sense. This authority can also offer information about the existing Croatian companies on request. Our lawyers in Croatia can help foreigners establish their business presence in this country and can offer legal support at the time of registration. Business consulting can also be offered on request to foreigners willing to invest in Croatia and expand their existing operations.

Who can ask information about companies in Croatia?

Natural persons and businessmen can solicit information about enterprises registered in Croatia, such as their name, the profits, and losses, the operations or the structure. The Trade Register in Croatia can also offer information like:
•    the shareholders' details of an existing company in Croatia;
•    the financial statements of a business in Croatia;
•    details about the registered share capital of a business;
•    the reliability of a firm when dealing with suppliers in Croatia.
Moreover, details about the audits of a firm in Croatia can be requested to the local authorities at the Trade Register. Please bear in mind that particular fees might apply when asking for company information in Croatia. As for the legal aspects in this sense, you may ask our attorneys in Croatia.

Making a solicitation to receive information about a company in Croatia

Companies in Croatia perform activities in compliance with the Companies Act and the Commercial Code. All firms must declare complete information at the time of registration and most of them can be publicly displayed. The share capital, the name, the activities, the establishments, the losses, and profits can be solicited when applying to the authorities in charge. In this direction, and when making such application, persons need to express in writing the reasons why they need information about a company in Croatia. As it is known, each business with establishments in Croatia is registered with a business number which is normally displayed on the official website of the Trade Register of this country, which also offers the possibility of looking for a company directly with this number.
If you need legal advice and support when asking for information about a particular company in Croatia, please do not hesitate to contact our Croatian law firm.