Marriage in Croatia

Marriage in Croatia

Updated on Tuesday 26th March 2019

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Marriage-in-Croatia.jpgAccording to the Croatian Family Act, the minimum age for both women and men willing to get married in this state is 18. The civil ceremony takes place only if two adult witnesses are present, this representing an important requirement, whether a national or a foreign individual is involved. The legal aspects of marriage in Croatia can be explained by our Croatian attorneys. Our team of advisors can also provide legal advice in other civil aspects or business environment issues.

The Family Act in Croatia

In Croatia, the rules regarding the marriage between two partners are based on equality, consultation, and solidarity. The marital union and the family status are protected by the Family Act in Croatia which comprises the following articles:
  • •    family home and protection of the right to housing in Croatia;
  • •    the community of property and the administration of family assets;
  • •    the personal properties and the prenuptial agreement;
  • •    the joint liabilities and the status of adoptive parents;
  • •    conditions and determination of maintenance in a family.

Foreigners and marriage in Croatia

Because Croatia is an attractive destination, many tourists or residents decide to register their marriage in this country. Foreign citizens who want to get married in Croatia may do so at the Registry Office in the chosen city for the civil ceremony. Even though there are no official residency conditions in Croatia for people who want to get married, it is best to schedule in time such event. One should bear in mind that from a legal point of view, it is mandatory to have an appointed translator by the court at the civil ceremony in Croatia. The following documents are necessary before the marriage takes place in Croatia, and provided to the town hall no less than 30 days:
  • •    the birth certificates;
  • •    the identification cards;
  • •    divorce paper if it is the case;
  • •    copies of passports.
Please bear in mind that all documents must be translated into Croatian language and must have the Apostille Stamp. Likewise, it is suggested not to provide to the authorities scanned documents or photocopies. Couples interested in getting married in Croatia can schedule such an event in cities like Dubrovnik, Split or Zagreb, the capital.

Are there any residency conditions before getting married?

It is good to know that there are no specific residency requirements, however, foreigners living in Croatia need to make proof of their permanent residence in this country. Also, it is important to be present to the Town Hall in the city where you get married and present the necessary documents (the document showing residency is mandatory) and run through all the paperwork before the marriage takes place.

The marriage conditions for US citizens 

American citizens looking to marry a Croatian will have to present the certificate of free marital status which is issued by the US Embassy or Consulate in Croatia. This kind of certificate states that the US citizen is unmarried and can get married in Croatia without constraints. It is good to know that marriage in Croatia is legally recognized in the USA, if the marriage takes place between a Croatian citizen and an American citizen. The same thing is available for any foreigner getting married in Croatia, with the mention that the certificate of marriage will be translated into the Croatian language. Please talk to our attorneys in Croatia and find out more about the legal requirements for getting married as a US citizen in Croatia.

Marriage for Australians in Croatia

Australian citizens willing to get married to a Croatian will have to observe specific conditions, among which, the submission of a Certificate of No Impediment provided by the Consulate in Zagreb and a Single Status Certificate which is normally issued by an Australian Registrar Office. The Certificate of No Impediment is the type of document that states there are no impediments before the marriage takes place, or in other words, there are no obstacles that might stop the citizens to get married in Croatia. The application for the Certificate of No Impediment is normally followed by a series of documents which need to be submitted, such as the passports of the citizens willing to marry in Croatia, a copy of the judicial authorization issued by a court in Australia if the citizen is under 18 years of age and a copy of the divorce certificate if it is the case. The same Certificate of No Impediment needs to the authenticated by the Croatian authorities. Instead of dealing with possible misunderstandings in matters of documents, it is recommended to get in touch with our team of lawyers in Croatia and solicit complete legal advice and support. The same team of advisors is at the disposal of foreign investors who want to start a business in Croatia and need to understand and observe the legal requirements in this matter.

How do I apply for a residence permit as a foreigner married to a Croatian?

Applying for a permanent residence permit in Croatia is the next thing to do when getting married in this country. There are different documents to observe, among which the OIB identification number which is the personal identification number issued for foreign residents in Croatia, the health insurance, the notarized certificate of marriage, the passports and information about the home residence where two spouses live. In the case of citizens from Switzerland or EU/EEA countries, they will have to prove the financial earnings that support the living in Croatia.
In this case, the financial information can be provided by the bank where the personal account is established or by the Croatian employer if it is the case. In the case of citizens outside EU/EEA and Switzerland who got married to a Croatian citizen, the conditions for obtaining the resident permit might change a little bit and that because both spouses will have to prove their incomes in Croatia. The translated and notarized birth certificate and a copy of the university transcript are among the necessary documents when applying for residency in Croatia. Even though the requirements for the necessary documents are not that complex, the authorities might solicit other documents too, at the time you apply for a permanent residence in Croatia after marriage. It is important to be well-prepared from this point of view and observe all the requirements in matters of documents and application forms, in order to avoid any possible refusal on behalf of authorities in Croatia. Moreover, once you got married in Croatia, the next thing to do is to prepare all the documents and apply for residency within a few days from the event. Let our team of advisors tell you more about how to get married in Croatia and about how to apply for residency in this country. Complete legal advice is at your disposal at any time.
As for the business persons interested in opening companies in the cities mentioned above, it is recommended to ask for legal advice in documents matters, taxes, or business management. Our law firm in Croatia can help, so please feel free to contact us at any time.