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Business Visa for Croatia

Updated on Sunday 27th August 2023

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business visa in Croatia
A Croatian business visa involves various formalities and requirements to be respected, which one of our lawyers in Croatia can explain to you. We recommend those interested in registering a business with the help of this visa contact our specialists to ensure a simple and fast process. In the following lines, you can read information about the Croatian startup visa and how it can be obtained.

Eligibility criteria for Croatian business visa

Business visas for Croatia can be obtained by citizens from non-EU countries who have specific goals regarding the visit to this country.  Among them, we mention:
  • You own a company in your country of origin and you will come to Croatia also for business purposes.
  • Participate in a business conference in Croatia. An invitation letter is required here.
On the other hand, there are other criteria to take into account when applying for the Croatian startup visa:
  • You must present a clear criminal record.
  • You must have health insurance.
  • You must have sufficient funds during your stay in Croatia.
  • A medical test is requested before the trip to Croatia.
Considering these important aspects of the business visa in Croatia, we advise you to contact our attorneys. On the other hand, those interested in immigration to Croatia can also call on our experts to benefit from a simple and fast relocation process.

How can you apply for a business visa for Croatia?

You can apply for a business visa for Croatia either online or at the Croatian consulate in your country of residence. Here are some of the formalities:
  • Candidates have at hand the standard application form that must be filled in with various personal information and more.
  • A copy of the passport is required, as well as other documents necessary to apply for a Croatian business visa.
  • Once the documents requested by the authorities have been accepted, you will be invited to an interview at the consulate or embassy.
But to ensure that the process is in order and that the application will not be rejected, we advise you to contact our immigration lawyers in Croatia. We collaborate with the relevant authorities for the accuracy of the information and more.

Can I work with a business visa for Croatia?

A Croatian startup visa is not issued to work in this country. Therefore, the business visa in Croatia does not allow you to accept jobs, being strictly dedicated to businessmen from non-EU countries with well-defined goals.

How long does it take to issue a Croatian business visa?

Normally, if all the documents and formalities are respected, a Croatian business visa can be issued in about 15 days. However, the process could be extended for a maximum of two months. During this time, the interview at the embassy or consulate will also take place, as part of the process of obtaining the Croatian startup visa. We recommend specialized help from our law firm in Croatia to obtain this type of visa.

Some statistical data about immigration to Croatia

Croatia is an interesting and at the same time advantageous destination for international entrepreneurs who want to establish their businesses in this country. On the other hand, many foreign citizens decide to relocate to Croatia due to the optimal living conditions, education, health, etc. Here are some statistical data:
  • The data for 2021, provided by the European Commission, show that over 21,000 EU citizens and over 76,600 coming from non-EU countries were registered.
  • Over EUR 27 million were allocated to immigration, asylum, and integration cases in Croatia, from European funds, from 2014 to 2020.
Therefore, if you want to apply for a Croatian business visa we invite you to contact us and find out more information. Our lawyers in Croatia can take care of the formalities and procedures to obtain the desired visa.