Legal Services in Croatia

Legal Services in Croatia

Updated on Friday 05th May 2023

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Legal-Services-in-Zagreb.jpgForeign and local entrepreneurs should seek legal advice when starting a business or making investments in Croatia, regardless of the chosen field of interest. It is recommended to have legal support from a team of lawyers in Croatia and have a clear picture about the applicable laws in this country and the ways in which a company can be formed. Below we present you the main legal services you can receive in Croatia, helped by one of our Croatian attorneys experienced in varied fields.

Support for company formation in Croatia

Legal assistance and representation for the formation of D.O.O (limited liability company) and D.D (joint-stock company) in Croatia can be offered by our team of lawyers in Croatia. This also includes services related to company formation, such as company domiciliation, tax registration, accounting services, and many more. Here are a few steps to consider when starting a business in Croatia:
  1. The Articles of Association, the main documents of the company, need to be submitted to the Croatian Trade Register and ready in one day.
  2. The business needs to have a legal representative local or from abroad.
  3. A business bank account must be opened for your business in Croatia.
  4. The registration for VAT and for social contributions is mandatory.
  5. The company seal needs to be obtained and costs around EUR 22

Establishment of subsidiaries and/or branches in Croatia

Branches and subsidiaries in Croatia can be established with comprehensive legal support offered by our attorneys in Croatia. Depending on the business needs, one can set up a subsidiary that is an independent legal entity or a branch that must report to the parent company. In any case, the registration starts with drafting the Articles of Association, a company’s main documents.

Special permits or licenses in Croatia

Assistance in obtaining permits and licenses needed in order to conduct business activities in Croatia can be offered by one of our experienced attorneys. This relates to permits from local authorities, licenses to conduct certain financial activities, requirements to hire a Croatian national, etc. It is important to know that a company cannot perform activities without obtaining special licenses and permits in the first place. Our team can handle the requirements in matters of documents and registration with the entitled authorities.

Mergers and acquisitions in Croatia

Legal counseling for mergers and acquisitions, purchase of shares in existing Croatian companies as well as other corporate restructuring issues on the Croatian market enter the attention of our Croatian attorneys. The applicable legislation might seem complex for foreigners who are interested in buying a company in Croatia, but our advisors can provide in-depth and immediate legal assistance in this matter.

Liquidation and dissolution of Croatian companies

Our Croatian lawyers can provide legal assistance related to the dissolution and liquidation of Croatian companies as well as bankruptcy procedures. It is extremely important to have the legal support of a Croatian team of lawyers and avoid any possible misunderstandings that might occur during the process of company liquidation in Croatia.

Corporate and commercial litigation

Commercial litigation might have serious consequences and can affect the business direction of a company. It is important to know that our Croatian litigation lawyers can represent you throughout all the stages of a litigation case in Croatia.

Tax advice and tax planning

Advice on Croatian taxation methods and legal minimization of taxes can be offered by one of our experienced lawyers in this field. Any company in Croatia must be registered for tax purposes and must align with the requirements involved in this field. Do not hesitate to talk to one of our specialists and find out more about the taxation structure in Croatia.

Debt collection in Croatia

Some companies might deal at a certain point with debt collection cases. The legal advice of our Croatian lawyer experienced in debt collection matters will prove extremely helpful for businesses in Croatia that cannot handle such situations. Feel free to talk to one of our advisors and find out more about debt collection methods in Croatia.

Legal advice for marriage or divorce in Croatia

Foreigners interested in getting married in Croatia should solicit the legal advice and support of our Croatian lawyers. The legislation is not complex in this matter, but it is recommended to have a clear idea about the needed documents. The same thing is available for divorce cases, mentioning that legal assistance for child custody and/or alimony is needed.

Legal support for real estate transactions in Croatia

Foreigners interested in making investments in the real estate sector in Croatia should solicit legal assistance before accepting a transaction. In most cases, a real estate due diligence might be recommended at the time a transaction is prepared, and that to avoid any litigations or hidden problems. We mention that our team of lawyers in Croatia can handle real estate due diligence procedures and can offer legal support for transactions made in this field. Also, natural persons wanting to purchase a property in Croatia can talk to our advisors and see how they can help.

Register a trademark in Croatia

The registration of a trademark in Croatia can be done with comprehensive legal help offered by our local team of attorneys in Croatia. The formalities involved are not that complicated, but instead of dealing with possible errors or problems in terms of documents, it is best to have complete legal support right from the start.

Visa matters in Croatia

Foreigners who need a visa to enter Croatia will have to ask for legal advice in this matter and be sure they will not experience any refusal. Our Croatian lawyers can assist foreigners in obtaining the needed visa for their business or different purposes they might have in this country.
If you need a digital nomad visa in Croatia, we can offer legal assistance.

Company management in Croatia

The business climate of Croatia is extremely appealing to foreign investors, but for a successful company, one can consider the importance of company management services in Croatia. A solid business plan, the way a company can be controlled and the responsibilities in a firm are among the significant aspects of business in Croatia. These should be the first steps to consider when deciding to open a company in this country. Our experts in Croatia can give company management services and can help domestic and foreign entrepreneurs establish their business presence in Croatia, with respect to the applicable laws of the country and the EU.

Our legal services in Croatia

Foreign and domestic entrepreneurs can ask for complete legal advice when starting a business in Croatia and for other matters too. Here are our main legal services in Croatia:
  • support for company incorporation;
  • tax advice and compliance;
  • legal assistance for visa applications;
  • legal support for company litigation cases;
  • debt collection and company liquidation;
  • legal advice for mergers and acquisitions;
  • legal assistance for marriage and divorce in Croatia.
For details about other legal services, legal advice and support, you may contact our law firm in Croatia.