Family Law in Croatia

Family Law in Croatia

Updated on Thursday 06th December 2018

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Family Law in Croatia.jpgThe divorce procedure, the marriage, child maintenance and responsibility, child custody and a series of international agreements are comprised by the Family Law in Croatia. Our team of lawyers in Croatia is at the disposal of foreigners who would like to get married or file for divorce in Croatia. They can solicit legal support and assistance for a series of aspects related to the Family Law in Croatia and also information about starting a business in Croatia in any field they choose.

How do I file for divorce in Croatia?

The divorce cases are dealt with the Family Court in Croatia in the presence of our Croatian lawyers who can help both parts file for divorce. A conciliation procedure normally takes place in order to see if this method can help couples to solve the marital problems. The following matters are related to a divorce procedure in Croatia:
  • the spouses must file for a divorce with the Croatian court and with the help of an attorney;
  • if both parts agree on the termination of the marriage, the legal step is to divide the responsibilities if a child is involved;
  • the mutual properties enter in the discussion when filing for divorce;
  • parental agreements must be considered before the marriage is ended through a divorce.
We remind that our divorce lawyers in Croatia can provide legal support for couples willing to end the marriage through a divorce.

What are the cases covered by the Family Law in Croatia?

Child adoption, the formation of a family, prenuptial agreements, child custody, testaments, divorce procedures, and of course marriage are among the provisions of the Family Law in Croatia. Do not hesitate to ask for support from our Croatian team of lawyers if you need to know the legal aspects before getting married in Croatia.

Marriage in Croatia

The Registry Office through the local establishments is the institution that registers the marriages in Croatia, including the ones between foreigners living in this country. For the latter ones few conditions apply, among which a translator and two witnesses who must be present at the time the marriage is registered. The birth certificates, the valid passports, and the identification cards are the necessary documents which must be provided before getting married in Croatia.

Child custody in Croatia

According to the Family Law in Croatia, the child custody is normally offered to the parent with whom the minors stay and live, if information about the financial status of the parent is provided. Child support obligations enter the responsibilities of both parents, and in this sense, a welfare institution will have to make verifications in this sense, in order to make a decision about the child custody maintenance.
We invite you to talk and contact our law firm in Croatia and find out more details about the provisions of the Family Law and their applicability in this country.