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Immigrate to Croatia from Ukraine

Updated on Tuesday 01st August 2023

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immigrate to croatia from ukraine
Croatia recently adopted the EU Directive on the Temporary Protection of Refugees of Ukraine. Thus, those who want to immigrate to Croatia from Ukraine no longer have to apply for asylum, considering the adopted directive. We present some comprehensive information on immigration from Ukraine to Croatia, with specialized help provided by our Croatian lawyers.

How is the resettlement of Ukrainian citizens in Croatia done?

According to the information provided by the Croatian Ministry of Interior, Ukrainian citizens who want to move to Croatia will benefit from temporary protection, following care and reception for such citizens. They are offered the following:
  • Accommodation;
  • Basic means of living;
  • Health protection;
  • Primary and secondary education;
  • Place of work.
The EU directive applies both to Ukrainian citizens who want to immigrate to Croatia and to stateless persons and third-country nationals who have benefited from protection in Ukraine until February 2022. Our immigration lawyers in Croatia can tell you more about the rights and help you can benefit from if you move to this country.

What is a temporary stay for Ukrainian citizens?

Temporary stay is the status of Ukrainian citizens who move to Croatia under the protection offered by the government. In this sense, once you arrive in the country, you must present your passport and register with the local authorities. This is done at the mandatory reception related to Civil Protection offered by Croatia. Furthermore, Ukrainian citizens will receive accommodation. Registration can also be done with e-Visitor, an online platform available in Croatia. We advise you to contact our specialists if you want to immigrate to Croatia from Ukraine.

Employment for Ukrainian citizens in Croatia

Under the temporary protection provided by Croatia, Ukrainians can work in this country without having to apply for a work permit. In this sense, interested citizens must register their CVs with the Croatian Employment Service. There are various recruitment agencies in Croatia, which can be easily accessed by those interested in a job in this country. But we recommend specialized legal advice offered by our Croatian lawyers  to eliminate the language barrier, first of all.

How can our lawyers in Croatia help you?

If you are a Ukrainian citizen and want to relocate to Croatia, you can benefit from specialized legal advice offered by our Croatian attorneys. They can help you with:
  • Preparation of documents for immigration to Croatia from Ukraine.
  • Legal support regarding temporary protection in Croatia and an explanation of your rights.
  • Information and legal advice on how you can find accommodation, schools for children and a job.
  • Recommendations and legal advice to those who want to open a business in Croatia after settling in this country.
Below we also present some statistical information about the current immigration of Ukrainian citizens:
  • There were around 1.627 million Ukrainian refugees in Poland, according to data for the first half of 2023.
  • In Russia, there are around 1.275 million Ukrainians with refugee status, according to the same statistical data.
  • Over 1 million Ukrainians are also refugees in Germany.
  • Croatia received around 22,000 Ukrainians who obtained temporary civil protection.
We recommend those interested in immigration to Croatia from Ukraine contact our law firm in Croatia. We offer specialized support on immigration and relocation issues.