Croatia Residence Permit - Updated Guide for 2022

Obtain Residence Permit in Croatia

Updated on Tuesday 03rd May 2022

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According to the Croatian immigration laws, foreigners in this country need a residence permit if they accepted a job, are interested in family reunification, or want to study. A residence permit shows that you can legally stay in Croatia, therefore, it is recommended to apply for such a document as soon as you entered the country. We present you information about how to obtain a Croatia residence permit in 2022, helped by one of our lawyers in Croatia. We are here to help you relocate to Croatia.
 Quick Facts  
  Temporary residence permit types

- employment,

- family reunification,

- study,

- training,

- medical treatments


Time needed to obtain the temporary residence permit (approx.)

Around 3 months

Temporary residence permit validity

1 year

Documents for obtaining temporary residence

- valid passport,

- work contract,

- criminal record,

- accommodation

Mandatory registrations with state authorities (i.e. with the population/municipality register) Yes


Dependents can join the temporary permit holder 


Temporary or permanent residency for investment purposes


Minimum temporary residence before applying for permanent residence 5 years
Documents for obtaining permanent residence

- valid passport,

- proof of income,

- former temporary residence permit

Naturalization requirements

- Croatian language and culture knowledge,

- permanent resident for at least 8 years

Citizenship after permanent residence Yes

What you need to know about residence permits in Croatia

The First Temporary Residence Permit is the necessary document for your stay in Croatia. Once relocated to this country, it is required to register to the Croatian Embassy and apply for a residence permit. An important condition refers to the registration in no more than 30 days from the date of the arrival in Croatia. Here is what you need to know about residence permit applications in Croatia:
  • Foreigners must provide information about the reasons for needing a residence permit in Croatia. A work contract can be solicited.
  • A valid passport for at least one year and 3 months is needed.
  • The authorities will solicit a copy of the criminal record.
  • Information about accommodation and personal financial resources are needed for a residence permit in Croatia.
  • Married citizens must offer a certificate in this sense.
  • A health insurance is also required.
  •  Specific administration fees must be paid.
The formalities of residence permits in Croatia in 2022 and the ones to immigrate to Croatia can be entirely handled by our Croatian attorneys, so feel free to get in touch with us right away. If additional documents are solicited, our experts will take care of such aspects. You might want to explore the following video presentation:


How long does it take to obtain the residence permit in Croatia in 2022?

The residence permit application in Croatia can be solved in approximately 12 weeks. Then, the First Temporary Residence Permit is issued. We remind you that such a permit is valid for one year, but an extension is possible. Please talk to our specialists and find out more details on this topic. Plus, we are here to help you immigrate to Croatia.

Do I need to go to the police to register in Croatia?

Yes, it is a mandatory condition to go to the nearest police station in Croatia and report your arrival in this country, within 3 days. Because it takes time until the Croatia residence permit is issued, the registration with the local police is required.
The Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs is in charge of immigrants in Croatia and the ways in which they can legally stay in this country.

How do I obtain a permanent residence permit in Croatia?

If you already lived in Croatia for 5 years without interruptions, you can apply for a permanent residence permit in Croatia. Besides a valid passport, information about your income will be solicited by the authorities in order to make the specific verifications and to issue the permanent residence permit in Croatia. Moreover, once this document is issued, foreigners can apply for citizenship and respect the conditions imposed:
  • A satisfactory level of the Croatian language is required.
  • One must give up the existing citizenship, as Croatia does not accept dual citizenship.
Complete details about Croatian residence permits in 2022 can be offered by our Croatian lawyers. We are here to provide legal advice for foreigners who want to relocate to Croatia. If you need a digital nomad visa in Croatia, we can offer legal assistance. 

Reasons to move to Croatia

Croatia is an excellent destination both for foreign entrepreneurs who want to develop profits in this country and for those who want to retire and retire to a country that offers many benefits. Returning to the business climate and the possibilities offered, foreigners benefit from support in terms of company registration, with the help of much simplified formalities. The experienced workforce, the incentives offered by the government, the advantageous taxation system and the possibility of accessing different international markets are some of the advantages of a healthy business climate, as it is in Croatia. Here are some statistics that outline the Croatian economy:
  1. In terms of total FDIs for 2019, Croatia registered nearly USD 30 billion.
  2. The simplified business is highlighted by the 2020 Doing Business report that ranks Croatia 51st out of 190 worldwide economies.
  3. The financial services in Croatia absorbed most of the FDIs in 2019, around 30% of the total.
  4. Most investors in Croatia come from EU and countries like Austria, the Netherlands, Germany, and Italy.
Interested in more aspects related to Croatia residence permit? We invite you to contact our law firm in Croatia and solicit our legal advice and assistance. We can help you move to Croatia by handling the formalities.