Croatia Residence Permit - Updated Guide for 2024

Obtain Residence Permit in Croatia

Updated on Thursday 18th January 2024

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Our immigration lawyers in Croatia can offer suport and legal assistance for foreigners interested in obtaining a residence permit in Croatia. In this article you can discover a few of the formalities and regulations imposed in this matter, mentioning that the process can be simplified with specialized help. On the other hand, we are here to help you relocate to Croatia.
 Quick Facts  
  Temporary residence permit types

- employment,

- family reunification,

- study,

- training,

- medical treatments


Time needed to obtain the temporary residence permit (approx.)

Around 3-4 weeks

Temporary residence permit validity

1 year

Documents for obtaining temporary residence

- valid passport,

- work contract,

- criminal record,

- accommodation

Mandatory registrations with state authorities (i.e. with the population/municipality register) Yes


Dependents can join the temporary permit holder 


Temporary or permanent residency for investment purposes


Minimum temporary residence before applying for permanent residence 5 years
Documents for obtaining permanent residence

- valid passport,

- proof of income,

- former temporary residence permit

Naturalization requirements

- Croatian language and culture knowledge,

- permanent resident for at least 8 years

Citizenship after permanent residence Yes
 Period imposed for local registration  30 days from the date of the arrival in Croatia

Other documents solicited for residence application 

 - marriage certificate,

- proof of paid fees

 Long-term residence permits

Issued for:

- seasonal workers,

- students,

- trainees,

- service providers,

- volunteers,

- intra-corporate transferees,

- other essential personnel. 

 Specific verifications made by the Croatian authorities To make sure candidates do not have criminal records and are not considered a public threat 
 Knowledge of Croatian language

Condition imposed at the time of application for a long-term residence permit 

 Cases in which long-term residence permit can be withdrawn

- for stays outside EEA for 12 consecutive months,

- being absent from Croatia for more than 6 years,

- if asylum status has been annulled.

 Rights of third-country nationals with permanent residence in Croatia

- work,

- self-employment,

- child allowance,

- social welfare,

- education,

- tax reliefs, etc. 

 Can family members join the application for Croatian residence? (YES/NO)


Immigration authority in charge  

 Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs in Croatia

 Proof of financial means

- salaries,

- bank statements,

- pensions, etc. 

 Interviews imposed

Depending on the nationality of the applicant and mostly for third-country nationals 

 Other conditions to obtain a permanent residence permit in Croatia

One must already have a temporary residence permit, as the permanent one might be issued in 1 or 2 years. 

 How can our Croatian lawyer help you?

- personalized assistance for immigration cases,

- representation at the police station for registration,

- submission of documents and applications 

 Reasons to choose our law firm in Croatia

 We can prepare the documents, represent you in front of the authorities, and communicate any changes to the application.

Other legal services available  For foreigners interested in staff relocation to Croatia 

Important aspects about residence permits in Croatia

The First Temporary Residence Permit is the necessary document for your stay in Croatia. Once relocated to this country, it is required to register to the Croatian Embassy and apply for a residence permit. An important condition refers to the registration in no more than 30 days from the date of the arrival in Croatia. Here is what you need to know about residence permit applications in Croatia:
  • Foreigners must provide information about the reasons for needing a residence permit in Croatia. A work contract can be solicited.
  • A valid passport for at least one year and 3 months is needed.
  • The authorities will solicit a copy of the criminal record.
  • Information about accommodation and personal financial resources are needed for a residence permit in Croatia.
  • Married citizens must offer a certificate in this sense.
  • A health insurance is also required.
  •  Specific administration fees must be paid.
The formalities of residence permits in Croatia in 2024 and the ones of immigration to Croatia can be entirely handled by our immigration lawyers in Croatia, so feel free to get in touch with us right away and discuss about immigration to Croatia. If additional documents are solicited, our experts will take care of such aspects. You might want to explore the following video presentation:

The processing time for issuing a temporary residence permit is around 4-5 weeks and it has a validity of 1 year. One should note that the fee is around EUR 100, and the formalities are not that complex. Our local lawyers can provide you with legal advice.

How long does it take to obtain the residence permit in Croatia in 2024?

The residence permit application in Croatia can be solved in approximately 12 weeks. Then, the First Temporary Residence Permit is issued. We remind you that such a permit is valid for one year, but an extension is possible. Please talk to our specialists and find out more details on this topic. Plus, we are here to help you with information about immigration to Croatia.
Foreigners who want to stay around 5 years in Croatia have the option of choosing a residence permit that lasts that long. Family members of persons from EU/EEA countries are entitled to Croatian temporary residence permits and the application should comprise such information.
Citizensh from Australia can purchase properties in Croatia by having a residence permit already issued. However, particular circumstances and conditions might be taken into consideration for other categories of citizens concerned in residency by investment in Croatia.

Do I need to go to the police to register in Croatia?

Yes, it is a mandatory condition to go to the nearest police station in Croatia and report your arrival in this country, within 3 days. Because it takes time until the Croatia residence permit is issued, the registration with the local police is required.
The Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs is in charge of immigrants in Croatia and the ways in which they can legally stay in this country.
The following infographic contains information about residence permits in Croatia:
How you can obtain a residence permit in Croatia

How do I obtain a permanent residence permit in Croatia?

If you already lived in Croatia for 5 years without interruptions, you can apply for a permanent residence permit in Croatia. Besides a valid passport, information about your income will be solicited by the authorities in order to make the specific verifications and to issue the permanent residence permit in Croatia. Moreover, once this document is issued, foreigners can apply for citizenship and respect the conditions imposed:
  • A satisfactory level of the Croatian language is required.
  • One must give up the existing citizenship, as Croatia does not accept dual citizenship.
Complete details about Croatian residence permits in 2024 can be offered by our immigration lawyers in Croatia. We are here to provide legal advice for foreigners who want to relocate to Croatia. If you need a digital nomad visa in Croatia, we can offer legal assistance. 
Even remote workers originating from non-EU/EEA countries can apply for a residence permit in Croatia. However, they should provide information about the company they work for.
The Croatian passport ranks 16th, as stated by the Passport Ranking Index, being one of the most powerful documents in the world. If you would like to know more about residency in Croatia and citizenship at a certain point, feel free to discuss further details with our team of Croatian lawyers.

Steps to relocate to Croatia

You have many reasons to relocate to Croatia. Among them, the quality services offered by the healthcare system and education, but also the economic and political stability that is so important. Below you will find a relocation guide in Croatia to give you an idea of the immigration formalities, with the mention that in this endeavor you can be helped by one of our immigration lawyers in Croatia:
  • Visas - first of all you need to know if you need a visa to enter Croatia or not. If European citizens do not need such an entry permit, things change in the case of non-EU citizens. They can choose a work visa, business visa, student visa, for medical treatment, and more.
  • Property rental – You will need a rental contract for a house when you apply for a residence permit in Croatia. We advise you to search ahead of time, with the help of our local advisors, in order not to encounter a language barrier in such a case.
  • Residence permit – Temporary residence permit helps you live legally in Croatia and is valid for 1 year, with the possibility of extension. The application for this type of document is simple and you must present a valid passport, a clear criminal record, and proof of accommodation.
  • Local registration – Another important step for immigration to Croatia is the registration with the local authorities and more precisely with the municipality. You will be given a document attesting to the fact that you live at the declared address. One of our Croatian lawyers can help you in this endeavor.
  • Healthcare registration – If you relocate to Croatia for a job, the employing company can take care of the formalities for registration in the public health system. You can also keep the private health insurance that is required for a residence permit application in Croatia.
  • Bank account – Another important step in moving to Croatia is opening a bank account. With employment in this country, a bank account is required, and one of our lawyers in Croatia can help you in this endeavor.
  • School registration – If you relocate with your children to Croatia, it is recommended to look for a school for them as well. The educational system in Croatia is highly appreciated and you can choose the best schools for your children.
  • Language – Lastly, you must consider learning the Croatian language if you plan to live in Croatia for a long period of time or permanently. You can access programs dedicated to immigrants or enroll in a foreign language school to access the necessary courses.
Therefore, this guide can be useful when you decide to move to Croatia. It is important to keep in mind the formalities related to documents, namely visa, residence permit, and work, so do not hesitate to contact our Croatian lawyers. We can answer all your questions and manage immigration formalities.

Reasons to move to Croatia

Croatia is an excellent destination both for foreign entrepreneurs who want to develop profits in this country and for those who want to retire and retire to a country that offers many benefits. Returning to the business climate and the possibilities offered, foreigners benefit from support in terms of company registration, with the help of much simplified formalities.
The experienced workforce, the incentives offered by the government, the advantageous taxation system and the possibility of accessing different international markets are some of the advantages of a healthy business climate, as it is in Croatia. Here are some statistics that outline the Croatian economy:
  1. In terms of total FDIs for 2021, Croatia registered nearly USD 38.8 billion.
  2. The simplified business is highlighted by the 2020 Doing Business report that ranks Croatia 51st out of 190 worldwide economies.
  3. The financial services in Croatia absorbed most of the FDIs in 2019, around 30% of the total.
  4. Most investors in Croatia come from EU and countries like Austria, the Netherlands, Germany, and Italy.
Foreign students who want to attend courses in Croatia must apply for a long-stay student visa, alongside a residence permit.  Once these documents are obtained, students can legally access the desired courses at universities and colleges in Croatia. 

Working with our immigration lawyers in Croatia

The immigration process in Croatia can seem complex for non-EU/EEA citizens, therefore, specialized help from our Croatian lawyers is recommended. They have experience in immigration issues, including asylum or refugee cases. Professionalism and efficiency are other important aspects to take into account when collaborating with us.
Interested in more aspects related to Croatia residence permit? We invite you to contact our law firm in Croatia and solicit our legal advice and assistance. We can help you move to Croatia by handling the formalities.