Legal Services in Split

Legal Services in Split

Updated on Tuesday 14th November 2017

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legal-services-in-croatia.jpgSplit is one of the largest cities in Croatia and a business hub preferred by both residents or foreigners for establishing activities in varied and important domains. Once you have decided on the proper business structure which meets your needs, please consider that legal support can be offered by our law firm in Croatia. Here you can find out information about the main legal services our team of attorneys can offer in different areas of interest, for any type of entrepreneur.

Company registration in Split

Limited liability companies, joint stock companies, sole proprietorships, limited and general partnerships are among suitable and chosen business entities for registration in Split. In compliance with the legislation for company formation in Croatia, our legal advisors are at your disposal for support and information.

Setting a branch or a subsidiary in Split

Companies from abroad may be interested in establishing their activities on the Croatian market. In this matter, one can set up a branch or a subsidiary in Split, knowing first all the requirements related. We can represent such companies from a legal point of view and we can also explain what are the main benefits for both types of entities. 

Mergers and acquisitions in Split

Mergers and acquisitions in Croatia are usually subject to varied legal aspects which can be explained by our Croatian attorneys. They can also negotiate the terms and conditions in order for you to take a final decision. It is mandatory to solicit legal support before making any movement regarding mergers and acquisitions in Split.

Company liquidation in Split

Even if it is a subject to avoid, there are cases when companies might be subject to liquidation. Closing a company in Split can be legally explained by our attorneys in Croatia. The legislation in this case might be difficult to understand, but comprehensive support can be offered on request.

Corporate and commercial litigation in Split

For different reasons, companies may face legal issues and lawsuits. Instead of worrying about how to deal with such situation, please consider that our lawyers in Croatia can represent you in the court of law. 

Special licenses and permits in Split

Having a company in Split is subject to special permits and licenses before starting the activities. Please consider that specific rules and regulations might apply, a matter where our team can offer support. 

Tax advice and planning for companies in Split

Taxes in Croatia are imposed on both local and foreign companies, but there are also exemptions. You can receive legal advice in this matter and you can also ask for tax minimization methods for your business in Split.
For additional information about our legal services in Split, please feel free to contact our law firm in Croatia.