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Citizenship by Descent in Croatia

Updated on Thursday 15th September 2022

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Citizenship by Descent in Croatia.pngForeigners wishing to obtain Croatian citizenship by descent must follow a few rules and formalities. Although the process is uncomplicated, it is important to consider the legal assistance provided by one of our immigration lawyers in Croatia. He/she has experience in this field and can handle the required formalities from the very beginning. Find out in this article what are the steps to follow to obtain the desired citizenship. Plus, if you are interested in starting a business in Croatia or obtaining residency by investment, do not hesitate to talk to our experts.

Requirements for Croatian citizenship by descent

Croatian citizenship by descent implies obtaining citizenship based on the degree of family relatives or more precisely lineages. In other words, foreign nationals who discover or know that they have relatives from Croatia can apply for citizenship. People with Croatian ancestors such as parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents are ideal candidates to apply for citizenship, and the following formalities are important:
  • Documents such as birth certificates are required to prove family ties.
  • The Ministry of Interior in Croatia is the institution that oversees the process of obtaining Croatian citizenship by descent. The institution checks the documents brought to their attention by the applicants.
  • If the documents provided are accepted, then the candidates will receive a positive decision for their respective citizenship.
  • Next, the declaration of Croatian citizenship by descent is mentioned by the Book of Births at the office of registration of persons.
  • Once the citizenship is obtained, the respective candidates receive a new birth certificate, with the help of which to apply for ID and passport.
The Croatian Citizenship Act mentions the conditions under which foreigners can apply for and obtain Croatian citizenship by descent. The rules are quite simple and start from the fact that applicants must prove that they have Croatian ancestry. What is important is that, from 2020, the legislation says that there is no generation limit, as is the practice in other countries. Therefore, the ancestor line is followed until its existence is proven. You can find out more about citizenship by descent from our immigration lawyers in Croatia. They collaborate with the relevant institutions and can provide you with all the necessary support. Plus, if interested in obtaining a Croatian resident permit, do not hesitate to talk to us.

Children and Croatian citizenship by descent

In the case of children born after October 1991 and who have at least one parent of Croatian origin, citizenship process is much easier. They do not have to apply for citizenship but can apply for registration. Here's what you need to do if you qualify for this procedure:
  • Standard forms must be completed with personal data.
  • It is necessary to have legalized and notarized copies of the birth certificate and the marriage certificate (if applicable). Those of the parents are also required, even those of another origin.
  • Document certifying foreign citizenship.
  • Certificate of registration of the parent who had Croatian citizenship at the time the applicant citizen was born.
  • Optionally, other documents such as working or military books can be offered.
Candidates living in Croatia can prepare the application for Croatian citizenship by descent at administrative police stations close to home. Please note that everything related to formalities and documents can be handled by our Croatian lawyers. They have experience in such matters and can represent you if interested in immigration to Croatia. Call us with confidence and discover our legal services.

Spouses of Croatians can apply for citizenship

According to the Croatian Citizenship Act, the spouses of foreign nationals who have obtained Croatian citizenship by descent may also apply for citizenship. The same is available for those who qualify for citizenship by descent in Croatia and who are going to apply for this status. We are by your side in your efforts, offering complete legal services.

Choosing Croatia for a new life

Croatia is one of the countries that offer optimal living and working conditions. While some people want to start a business in this country and take advantage of the good development conditions, others choose to live and work here or to retire and take advantage of the benefits offered by this economically stable country and political.
Here are some statistics on population and immigration to Croatia:
  • In 2019, Croatia registered over 40,000 immigrants.
  • The population of Croatia exceeded 4 million citizens, according to data provided by
  • Over 57% of the population is urban in Croatia.
  • Croatia accounts for about 0.05% of the world's population.
Want to know more about citizenship by descent in Croatia? We invite you to contact our law firm in Croatia and ask for legal help. If you need a digital nomad visa in Croatia, contact us for legal assistance.