Road Transportation Law in Croatia

Road Transportation Law in Croatia

Updated on Thursday 15th June 2017

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Road-Transportation-Law-in-CroatiaThe Road Traffic Safety Act is the legal framework to define the conduct of traffic users and other parties involved in traffic on land and the basic requirements that roads have to meet in order to respect traffic safety. According to this law, road traffic is the traffic of vehicles, passengers and other traffic users on public roads and unclassified roads used for public traffic. Our attorneys in Croatia can offer you complete information about the provisions of the road transportation law

General provisions of the Road Traffic Safety Act

The provisions of the Road Traffic Safety Act are compulsory for every natural or foreign person who drives on the roads of Croatia. If you want to open a company in Croatia and need to transport merchandise on the roads, you need to know these legal provisions. This act defines the general principles of mutual relationships and it further establishes:

•    The road traffic rules;
•    The system of traffic signs and signals to be given by authorized personnel;
•    Duties in case of a traffic accident – stay at the place of the accident, avert any new dangers that may arise at the place of the accident, report the accident to the nearest police station and wait for the arrival of investigators and medical crews, fill in and sign the European Accident Report if the accident has caused only material damages;
•    Taking driving lessons;
•    Passing the driver`s test for obtaining the right to operate motor vehicles;
•    Towing of vehicles;
•    Devices and equipments vehicles must be fitted with – dimensions of vehicles, their total mass and axle load, technical requirements that vehicles must met whilst in traffic.

Our Croatian law firm can provide an in-depth presentation of the legal requirements to be met in order to travel on the public roads of the country.

Driving requirements in Croatia

The Road Traffic Safety Act stipulates the conditions to be met in order to have the right to drive on Croatian roads. These include:

•    Holding a driving license issued in the Republic of Croatia, a foreign driving license or an international driving license for the category of vehicle which is driven on the roads;
•    Not using the phone or other devices that may reduce the driver's ability to react and safely operate the vehicle;
•    Being in physical and mental health while driving in Croatia.

If you need more information about the procedure of acquiring a valid driver license and about driving requirements, please contact our lawyers in Croatia.