Opening a Bank Account in Croatia - 2024 Procedure

Opening a Bank Account in Croatia

Updated on Thursday 18th January 2024

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open a bank account in Croatia
A bank account in Croatia can be easily set up if you respect the requirements imposed by the chosen financial institution. Among the services a bank can offer in Croatia, for both companies or natural persons, we remind the possibility of choosing a particular type of currency or more,  credit cards and online payment services. The legal terms related to opening a bank account can be explained by our lawyers in Croatia who can also help investors set up their companies in the country.

Opening a corporate bank account in Croatia 

Foreign or local investors who want to register companies in Croatia in 2024 must open a bank account for the minimum share capital and future financial transactions in the firm. Here is information about the requirements for opening a bank account in Croatia:
  • all banks in Croatia activate in respect with the Banking Law and its provisions; 
  • you may choose the proper financial institution which suits best your needs and requirements in the company;
  • additionally, one should know that for opening a corporate bank account in Croatia one must prepare the company’s documents and details about the owners of the business;
  • please consider that for opening a bank account in Croatia, it is not necessary to visit the country, as our attorneys in Croatia can take care of such requirements.
We remind that all the legal aspects when registering a company here can be clarified by our advisors. Plus, you can benefit from support offered by our immigration lawyers in Croatia if you want to relocate here.
Choosing a bank in Croatia to work with requires attention in terms of costs. While some of such institutions do not impose fees for opening an account, these can solicit specific fees for transactions, international transfers, account management, and/or ATM withdrawal.
Many ATMs in Croatia impose withdrawal limits around EUR 265 per day. Other banks cannot offer withdrawals of more than EUR 400 per day. However, clients can withdraw up to around EUR 800 per day, as long as a passport or official ID is presented at the bank office.  

The banking services offered in Croatia

A bank account in Croatia, whether for corporate reasons or for natural persons comes with different related services. For example, one can deal with more than just one currency, as there can be additional bank accounts added. Each client has instant access to their funds, once the bank account has been opened with the help of credit cards. Even more, the clients will receive secured online banking services in order to verify their deposits and the financial transactions on the bank’s platform, with the help of an established username and password. One should check the fees related to a bank account in Croatia, updated for 2024.
Mortgage loans are services provided by banks in Croatia to those interested in obtaining large sums of money for different projects or investments. Compared to consumer credit, such loans might be advantageous from an interest rates point of view. Non-residents are also eligible for such loans.
Opening a bank account in Croatia requires attention in terms of procedures. A registered address and the residence permit are solicited by the bank offices, alongside OIB identification number issued by the police. Some banks might solicit information about the reasons to open a Croatian bank account, for example, for receiving the salary. 

Can I open a bank account on the internet in 2024?

Yes, there are some banks in Croatia that allow foreigners to open a bank account online by submitting the necessary documents and filing a specific form offered by the financial institution. Even though it is quite simple and there is no need to travel to Croatia for these formalities, signing the paperwork, especially if we are talking about a business bank account, might need your presence in the country.
However, until that point, you can assign one of our Croatian lawyers, with a power of attorney, to take care of the formalities involved. You just have to give us a copy of your national ID or passport, and the ones of the company. We mention that once the bank account is registered and opened, you can access it online with the help of internet banking services. Please talk to one of our advisors and find out more in this sense, in order to simplify the opening process of the Croatian bank account.
All banks in Croatia issue a debit card at the time the bank account is opened, However, customers can also be eligible for overdrafts of up to EUR 4,000, but it depends on the bank policies and offers.
Foreigners can make safe Euro transactions, as Croatia now has this currency instead of Croatian Kuna.

What kind of banking services can I receive in Croatia?

The internet banking services are probably the most appreciated packages offered by a Croatian bank, whether local or foreign. In addition, the financial institutions in Croatia have different support to offer to entrepreneurs in this country. For instance, you can benefit from a wide range of corporate credit and bank cards in accordance to your business needs.
Also, you can access leasing, trade and export consulting plus investment banking if you want. Advisory services, asset management, access to affordable exchange to foreign currency and pension products if it is the case. You can also receive low fees for special financial services or for using a particular type of card.
Business persons in Croatia can ask for a specific withdrawal limit or can have a bank officer at their disposal if large sums of money need to be transferred in the country or abroad. More than that, they can benefit from personalized charges and fees for foreign currency exchanges, but that depends on the bank they work with. All the details regarding the banking services offered are displayed on the official websites of the chosen financial institution. In case you deal with misunderstandings or language barrier, you can talk to our advisors and ask for legal support.
We remind the suppor of our immigration lawyers in Croatia for those interested in relocation. The formalities for immigration to Croatia are simple and straightforward.

Can I open a bank account before setting up my company in Croatia?

No, you should, first of all, open your company in Croatia, obtain all the licenses and permits for starting the activities and then open the bank account and deposit the minimum share capital, if it is the case. There are situations in which the provisional bank account turns into an official one, connected to your business in Croatia. It is ideal to have a clear image about the banking system in Croatia and choose the right bank that suits most of your business needs before starting a company in Croatia

Easy steps for opening a bank account in Croatia

There are specific steps to follow and to bear in mind when opening a bank account in Croatia and are mostly related to the necessary documents: a document confirming the residence address, the valid passport, the Croatian Taxpayer Identification Number and the company’s documents. The bank will offer some forms to fill out, plus the contract stating and the conditions for opening a bank account.
Owners of Croatian bank accounts will also receive the plastic card attached to the account. A provision of the signature sample is needed before your bank account is opened. If you want more details in this matter, feel free to talk to our lawyers in Croatia and ask for legal advice. Our team is at your service if you want to start a business in Croatia and need to know the legislation for opening a branch or a subsidiary, for example. 

A bank account for salary payment

Incomes like wages, salaries, and other types of remuneration registered in Croatia are normally received in a bank account. Both foreign and nationals in Croatia must have a bank account for this kind of transaction if they work in this country. This is the simplest way of receiving money, by having a bank account in Croatia. As mentioned before, there are simple formalities for opening a bank account in Croatia, however, we suggest you address one of our specialists who can handle all the aspects, especially if you are a foreigner living in this country.

A bank account for Americans in Croatia

US citizens who want to open bank accounts in Croatia will have to observe some extra requirements in terms of paperwork. For instance, some banks might require filling out IRS tax forms or provide extra documents to confirm the identification. Because the formalities might be a little bit time-consuming, US citizens in Croatia will have to wait for bank approvals, if all the documents are accepted. In this direction, you can rely on the support of our company formation agents in Croatia at any time.

Paying bills with a bank account in Croatia

Having a bank account allows varied money transfers and payments. It is quite simple and fast to pay all the bills whether on the internet or by visiting the bank in person. Most banks in Croatia offer a wide range of services to help customers simplify the payment procedures, whether online or offline. Even clients of Croatian banks who visit foreign countries benefit from excellent banking services, in terms of fees.
You can discuss further on this topic with our specialists and find out all you need to know about opening a bank account in Croatia and related requirements. We can assist both foreigners and locals throughout the procedures implicated.

Short details about the financial system in Croatia

Croatia aligns with the rules and regulations imposed for member countries of the European Union. The Croatia National Bank alongside the Financial Services Supervisory in Croatia are the most important regulators of the financial system in the country. One should also know that Croatia introduced the Deposit Guarantee Scheme with the purpose of protecting the deposits of investors in the country, by covering about EUR 100,000 in case of bank insolvency.

Business in Croatia – Why open a company in this country in 2024

The important exits to the Adriatic Sea are significant gates to international collaborations and businesses, so it comes easy for investors to discover and develop the opportunities offered. Deluxe resorts, hotels, tourism agencies, family farms, retail and trading companies, real estate firms and many more are among the idea, business opportunities in Croatia. Here are a few statistics and facts about the business direction in Croatia:
  • approximately $60,700 billion represented the GDP for Croatia in 2018;
  • the GDP in Croatia is sustained by services in a percent of around 70;
  • around EUR 1,313 was the average gross salary in Croatia in 2023.
Opening a bank account in Croatia in 2024 is not a complicated process, nevertheless, foreigners are advised to ask for legal advice if they need such account for business or for personal purposes.

FAQ about bank accounts in Croatia

1. Who can open bank accounts in Croatia?
Natural persons and company owners can open bank accounts in Croatia. There are simple formalities that can be managed by one of our company formation agents in Croatia.
2. What is a corporate bank account in Croatia?
A corporate bank account is linked to a company that has commercial activities. All the financial transactions are made with the help of a bank account established at the time the company is registered.
3. What are the necessary documents for opening a bank account in Croatia?
The company’s documents should be sufficient for opening a bank account in Croatia. Some specific forms might be offered by the bank. Our agents can handle the formalities involved.
4. What types of banking services are offered in Croatia?
In the case of corporate bank accounts, there is the possibility of handling more than just one currency. Internet banking, foreign financial transactions, more than just one debit or credit card linked to an account are among the services offered by most banks.
5. Can I open a bank account without traveling to Croatia?
Yes, foreigners can open a bank account in Croatia without visiting Croatia. However, some banks might require your presence for signing a few documents, especially if are related to a company. You can discuss further details with our Croatian company formation agents.
6. Can a Croatian agent be assigned for opening a bank account on my behalf?
Yes, one of our agents can act on your behalf with a power of attorney and open a bank account for your firm or personal use. Once we receive the required documents, we will properly handle the procedures for opening a bank account in Croatia
7. Can I have more than just one bank account in Croatia?
Yes, depending on your needs, whether as a natural person or a business owner, you can have more than just one bank account. There are many financial institutions in Croatia from which you can choose.
8. How long does it take to open a bank account in Croatia?
Opening a bank account in Croatia is not a complicated process and it can be done within a couple of days or even faster. You can benefit from complete support offered by one of our Croatian agents.
9. Are there any fees for opening a bank account in Croatia?
Most banks in Croatia do not impose fees for opening a bank account. Some financial institutions might require a small deposit at the time a bank account is opened.
10. Are banking services subject to fees in Croatia?
There are certain banking services for which a small fee is imposed. When opening a bank account in Croatia, an officer will present the fees linked to the type of services you requested.
For more details about how to open a bank account in Croatia and the related legislation, please feel free to contact our law firm in Croatia.