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Immigrate to Croatia

Updated on Monday 22nd April 2024

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Immigration to Croatia is a relatively simple process if you have the support of a team of specialists. Everything related to the documents necessary for relocation to Croatia can be discussed with one of our immigration lawyers in Croatia who has experience in immigration issues. Whether you need a visa or a residence permit, decide on the specialized services offered by our consultants, in order to benefit from a correct migration process. Discover in this article useful information about how to move to Croatia.
 Quick Facts  
Entry visa requirement (from EU)  


Entry visa requirement (outside EU) 


Types of visas available 

- short-stay visa,

- long-stay visa for students, workers, and family reunification,

- tourist visa,

- business visa



Time frame for obtaining work visa (approx.) 

Around 3 months

Validity of the temporary residence permit

1 year

Time frame for obtaining permanent residence (approx.)

5 years

Investor Visa Availability 


Sponsorship requirement 


Time frame for obtaining citizenship 2 years
Citizenship/Residency by investment scheme availability Yes
Tax benefits for expats

- no tax on interest payments and dividends received abroad,

- no income tax on capital gains from trading activities

 Types of residence permits 

Issued for:

- work purposes,

- family reunification,

- studies,

- medical treatment, etc. 

 Long-stay visa available for

Foreigners accepting a job in Croatia 

 Who issues the temporary residence permit for Croatia?

Local police department 

 Digital nomad visa available (YES/NO)  YES 
 Registration with the local authorities (YES/NO) 


 Formalities for study purposes relocation to Croatia

- obtaining the long-stay student visa,

- registration with the local authorities,

- getting a residence permit 

 Validity of family reunification residence permit

 1 year

 Residence permit ID number 

Issued for:

- opening a bank account,

- purchasing a local phone number,

- registering with relevant authorities, etc. 

 Is permanent residence granted for an indefinite period?

Yes, those obtaining permanent residence in Croatia do not need to apply for an extension of such document. 

 Ways to get Croatian citizenship 

- by naturalization,

- by birth,

- by descent,

- by marriage 

 Documentation for personal belongings relocation

-  valid passport,

- work and residence permit,

- other forms, if applicable

 Visa fee (approx.)

HRK 460 

 Dual citizenship permitted

 No, Croatia does not allow dual citizenship

 Type of services we provide

Legal assistance for:

- relocation to Croatia,

- obtaining visas and residence permits,

- applying for citizenship,

- business relocation, etc. 

Why work with our Croatian lawyers? 

 - wide experience in immigration matters,

- professionalism,

- affordable costs


Do I need a visa for Croatia?

Yes, if you come from a non-EU country, you should pay attention to the type of visa you need. Therefore, a short-term visa is required for those who want to stay up to 90 days in Croatia. There are also exceptions in this case, but here's what you need to know about this type of visa:
  • The Croatian Embassy or Consulate is the institution that accepts foreign visa applications.
  • In addition to presenting a valid passport, you also need information on sources of income to cover your entire stay in Croatia.
  • Information about domicile in Croatia is required.
  • Approximately USD 30,000 in health insurance is required by the authorities as part of the visa application.
  • If you relocate to Croatia for a few months for business purposes, a Letter of Guarantee must mention this aspect.
Regardless of the plans you have for Croatia, it is important to consider the visa requirements. Find out from our immigration lawyers in Croatia all the details about the legal services offered if you want to move to Croatia. Also, you can discover the following infographic:
steps of Steps of immigration to croatia

Who should apply for long-term visa for Croatia?

Long-term visas for Croatia are necessary for foreign citizens who want to stay in this country for more than 90 days. In addition, a temporary residence permit is needed, but it is important to emphasize that this document does not guarantee the right to work in this country, as a specific  permit is required.
As for European citizens who want to immigrate to Croatia, there is no need for a work permit, except for those who come from Austria. Moreover, those who relocate to Croatia from European countries must register with the local police within about 3 months of arrival. We remind you that you can benefit from legal support from our Croatian lawyers, throughout the immigration process to Croatia. You can also watch the following video presentation for extra details: 


5 simple steps for a proper immigration process in Croatia

As I mentioned earlier, the process of immigration to Croatia is quite simple if you take into account a few important steps. Here's what you need to do if you want to migrate to Croatia:
  1. Find out about the visa required - Non-EU citizens must apply for certain visas, depending on the length of stay, either short-term or long-term. One of our specialists can help you with the necessary documents and formalities.
  2. Conclude contracts with suppliers before immigration to Croatia - This step is important before you migrate to Croatia. You can rely on a lawyer to explain you the contractual conditions, if applicable.
  3. Rent or buy a property before moving to Croatia - This can be done at the same time as applying for the required visa. Also, in this case you can benefit from our help, as we collaborate with different real estate agencies.
  4. Register with the relevant authorities - It is important to register with the local authorities as soon as you arrive in Croatia. Thus, you will have the guarantee that your stay in this country is legal.
  5. Apply for a residence and work permit - if you have accepted a job in Croatia it is necessary to have all the approvals to be able to work legally. The residence permit is another important document to obtain when you immigrate to Croatia.


How to apply for a short-term visa for Croatia

If you want to migrate to Croatia you should consider the types of visas required. For example, the short-term visa is valid for a stay of 90 days. Regarding the necessary formalities, the application must include information about the finances that should arrive during the entire stay in Croatia, the return flight ticket, health insurance, and a Letter of Guarantee in case of business visits.
We recommend that you get in touch with our Croatian lawyers for full details on applying for a short-term visa for Croatia. More about how to immigrate to Croatia can be discussed with our experts.

Residence permit in Croatia

Foreigners who enter Croatia without a visa and want to stay in the country for more than 3 months are required to apply for a residence permit. This type of document can be obtained from the local police station in the relocation city, preparing the following documents:
  •  Copy of the birth certificate, to which is added a legalized translation.
  •  The passport or other identification document must be valid.
  •  Health insurance is required.
  •  The authorities may request a criminal record or may make certain checks in this regard.
  •  Information about your finances, but also about the reason for your stay will be requested by the authorities in charge of issuing the residence permit.
It is important to emphasize that the temporary residence permit is valid for one year, but it can be extended, also at the police station in the city where you live. Moreover, the permanent residence permit for Croatia can be obtained after a period of 5 years, during which time you have renewed the temporary permit. Both foreigners from EU / EEA or non-EU / EEA countries must register with local authorities if they want to live in Croatia for more than 90 days.

A short guide to migration to Croatia

Those interested in the immigration process in Croatia can discover the following guide which includes important steps in this process:
  1. Apply for the visa needed to migrate to Croatia. One of our lawyers can help you from the beginning.
  2. A residence permit is also required for those who have a visa for only 90 days in Croatia. The process and formalities for obtaining this document are quite simple.
  3. It is recommended to look for a house to rent in Croatia, in order to have the guarantee that you have a place to move when you arrive in this country. Here also you can be helped by our team of specialists.
  4. If you want to relocate with a minor child, it is important that both parents sign a specific agreement, if they are separated.
  5. Those who immigrate to Croatia due to an accepted a job will be helped by the employing company, regarding the necessary documents. Collaboration with our lawyers in Croatia is necessary.

Canadians in Croatia - how can they immigrate

Canada is the country for which no visa is required to enter Croatia. Canadian citizens are considered tourists if they stay in Croatia for 90 days, but if the period extends, they will need a residence permit.
There are quite a few facilities for Canadians who want to immigrate to Croatia, and among these, we mention the possibility to buy residential properties and apply for a temporary residence permit.
The acquisition process may seem complex to Canadian citizens, so we suggest you get in touch with our Croatian lawyers who can handle all the legal formalities. If you are also from Canada and want to migrate to Croatia, get in touch with us and find out all the details.

Company relocation to Croatia

Another topic that may interest you is the relocation of the company you own in the home country. The process can be supervised by our specialists who can guide you on the required formalities. For example, a specific statement is needed, and such document must mention the company's intention to relocate. This kind of declaration needs to be signed by directors, managers, and administrators of the firm that is about to be relocated.
The contracts with the suppliers are to be concluded in the country of origin. Registering a foreign company with the Croatian authorities is the next step, and one of our lawyers can help you throughout the process. So, if you also want to know all the details about company relocation or redomiciliation, we invite you to talk to our attorneys in Croatia. They will also tell you what the costs for relocating the company entail.

Why immigrate to Croatia

Croatia offers many opportunities for development, whether we are talking about personal or business plans. Foreign investors benefit from a multitude of advantages in the business climate such as an appealing taxation system, financial incentives, developed infrastructure, experienced workforce. The high standards of living are other aspects taken into account by those who want to migrate to Croatia. Here are some statistics that highlight the economic direction of Croatia:
  • More than USD 29.8 billion was the total FDI stock for Croatia in 2019.
  • According to the 2020 Doing Business report provided by the World Bank, Croatia ranked 51st out of 190 world economies in terms of simplifying business formalities and more.
  • Most foreign investments in Croatia are absorbed by the services sector, one of the most prolific.
So, if you want to immigrate to Croatia, we invite you to contact our Croatian law firm and discover our legal services.