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Golden Visa in Croatia

Updated on Friday 20th August 2021

Golden visa in Croatia.jpgCroatia is one of the countries that offer a number of important advantages for those who make investments. Croatia investment visa is dedicated to those who want to open a business in this country and who want to benefit from a special status. Discover in this article how to apply for a Croatia golden visa and what are the formalities to be followed, not before mentioning that you can rely on specialized help from our team of lawyers in Croatia.

Croatia Golden Visa - What programs are intended for foreigners

Although no minimum investment is required to apply for the Croatia golden visa, applicants must prove that they have sufficient income to be able to live in this country. Croatia Residence Investor Program is preferred by foreigners who want to benefit from the advantages offered, starting with the simple formalities, among which we mention the following:
  1.  With the help of a valid passport you can apply for a Croatian temporary residence permit. This is an important condition to enter this program.
  2.  Family members can also be involved in the above-mentioned program. A Golden Visa in Croatia comes with a number of benefits for them.
  3.  Among the formalities imposed by this program you must consider the health insurance for the whole family.
All the conditions related to Croatia Golden Visa can be discussed from a legal point of view with one of our specialists. Legal advice is offered to foreign citizens interested in Croatia investment visa in order to apply without worrying about a possible file rejection.

Croatia immigration by investment – What you need to know

Croatia immigration by investment can attract the attention of foreign citizens who also want citizenship in this country. For example, for a minimum investment of USD 100,000 in a newly established company, candidates can then apply for Croatian citizenship, but only if they have already lived in this country for at least 8 years without interruption. Everything you need to know about Croatia Investor Visa if you come from non-EU countries can be offered by our immigration specialists. The legal formalities can be explained in detail before starting the immigration process to Croatia.

Documents required for Croatia golden visa

As mentioned above, those interested in Golden Visa in Croatia can benefit from legal advice from our lawyers in Croatia. They can leisurely deal with the file necessary to apply for a Croatia investment visa. Below you will find some information on the necessary documents:
  •  In addition to presenting a valid passport and identification documents, health insurance is also required.
  •  The application for the Croatia immigration by investment program also requires information on the financial resources needed to live in Croatia. Family members are also taken into account.
  •  Information about education and qualifications is also required, and applicants must submit relevant documents.
Find out from our lawyers in Croatia how you can be helped if you want to apply for a Croatia investor visa and what are the necessary documents.

Short facts about residence permits in Croatia

The residence permit is obtained quite quickly if you apply for Croatia Golden Visa. If at the beginning it is obtained for a temporary period, this permit can become a permanent one after a certain period of time. In other words, the application for a residence permit is made at the Croatian Embassy, with specialized help provided by our lawyers with experience in immigration.
A clean criminal record, details about personal income, or the amount invested to access Croatia Golden Visa, but also information about the new domicile in this country are among the formalities to keep in mind when applying for a residence permit in Croatia.

Why invest in Croatia

Croatia investor visa offers numerous opportunities for foreigners who want to develop their business in a financially secure country. Benefiting from an excellent geographic location, a well-developed infrastructure, an advantageous tax system, and strong sectors for investments, foreign entrepreneurs find Croatia a top destination for business. Here are some statistics that support the things highlighted above, especially those related to the country's economy:
  • Croatia ranks 51st out of 190 in terms of the ease with which a business can be opened in the country, according to the 2020 Doing Business report.
  • Countries such as Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, and Italy are among the most important investors in Croatia.
  • Over USD 29 billion was the total FDI registered in Croatia in 2019.
Therefore, those who want to apply for Croatia immigration by investment are invited to contact our team of lawyers in Croatia.