Immigrate to Croatia from US

Immigrate to Croatia from US

Updated on Tuesday 19th March 2024

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Immigrate to Croatia from US.jpgUS citizens interested in how to immigrate to Croatia will have to comply with the rules regarding the relocation to this country. Even though there is no need for a visa to enter Croatia as a US national, there are other legal aspects to consider. One of our lawyers in Croatia can tell you more in this sense and can provide complete legal advice and support.

Do I need a visa for Croatia if I’m from US?

Even though there is no need for a visa to enter Croatia as a US citizen, there are other rules to consider. For instance, US citizens must have a valid passport for more than 3 months. Otherwise, the Croatian authorities can forbid US nationals to enter Croatia if the validity of the passport is below 3 months. If you would like to relocate to Croatia from US, we suggest you discuss all the legal aspects to one of our Croatian lawyers. We can also offer detailed information about how to immigrate to Croatia

How long can I stay in Croatia as a citizen from US?

Tourists and investors from US entering Croatia can stay up to 90 days by simply having the valid passport. An important condition is to register with the local police withing 24 hours from the arrival, if US citizens rented an accommodation in Croatia. In the case of Americans staying at a hotel or other related accommodation, the registration will be made automatically.  Feel free to talk to our immigration lawyers and find out more about how to immigrate to Croatia from US.

US company relocation to Croatia

US entrepreneurs wanting to relocate the company in Croatia will have to obser a few regulations in this matter:
  • First of all, the business owner must de-register the company from US.
  • The company owners must make a declaration stating the decision of relocation.
  • Then, all the company documents plus the declaration must be submitted to the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, the business registration department.
  • The registration for taxation is required for US companies in Croatia. Talk to us if you want to move to Croatia from the USA.
Our lawyers in Croatia have experience in working with foreign entrepreneurs interested in starting a business or buying an existing one. The company relocation of US enterprises in Croatia must be made in respect with a series of regulations that can be explained by one of our legal specialists. Feel free to discuss with us all the legal matters regarding how to relocate to Croatia from the USA.

Getting temporary residence in Croatia

Citizens from USA who want to stay in Croatia for more than just 90 days must obtain the temporary residence permit. Such documents allow US citizens to legally live in Croatia and are issued by the Ministry of Foreign and Affairs. However, if you already live in Croatia, you have the option of applying for a temporary residence permit with the nearest police department. No matter the case, our Croatian lawyers can help with the temporary residence permit and the formalities involved.

Legal assistance provided by our immigration lawyers in Croatia

Croatia is an EU member, yet not part of the Schengen area. A valid passport is required for American citizens intending to enter Croatia, plus other important conditions that must be respected. Our lawyers in Croatia have experience in the immigration field and can help foreigners from a legal point of view. They can handle a series of formalities involving the necessary documents, applications and many more. The immigration rules in Croatia align with the international rules and regulations, so all citizens, including the ones from US must pay attention to the conditions imposed. Here is in short lines how we can help:
  1. Legal support for obtaining the temporary or permanent residence permits.
  2. Support for obtaining the work permit.
  3. Legal advice and support for US citizens interested in starting a business in Croatia.
  4. Legal support for company owners interested in relocation to Croatia.
  5. Legal advice and support for any kind of immigration issue related to Croatia.
It is quite helpful to have legal advice and support by your side if interested in immigration to Croatia from US. Some formalities might seem complicated, but a Croatian lawyer can offer guidance right away. Here are some facts and figures about the population of Croatia:
  • According to, Croatia has a population of approximately 4,058 million.
  • Croatia represents around 0.05% of the world’s total population.
  • Around 57.7% of Croatia’s population is urban.
If you are interested in how to immigrate to Croatia from US, please feel free to contact our team of lawyers in Croatia. Our team is specialized in immigration matters and can help you move to Croatia from the USA.